The United Kingdom released the public finances for June, showed thatpublic sector net borrowing excluding financial interventions slumped in June to 14.0 billion pound from the adjusted prior of 16.6 billion, nevertheless, was still worse than the expected estimate of 12.5 billion pound and 13.6 billion in June 2010.

PSNB excluding financial interventions fell to 39.2 billion pound in the fiscal year to date, compared to the same period last year at 39.5 billion pounds.

On the other hand, public sector net borrowing including financial interventionsfell in June to 12.0 billion pounds from the adjusted previous of 14.6 billion worst than the expectation of 10.4 billion.

The government's net cash requirements (PSNCR) expanded in June to 21.0 billion Pound from the adjusted prior of 11.3 billion Pound and worse than the expected estimate of 17.0 billion pound.

The current budget deficit excluding financial interventions is at 11.8 billion in June 2011 -11.4 in June 2010- and a deficit of 9.8 billion including financial interventions.