The Vampire Diaries has been on a hiatus for the past couple weeks, but they waste no time getting back into the juicy drama.

Last time we left off Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and gang discovered the last remaining white oak wood to eliminate the original vampires. The only problem is that once they killed original vampire Finn( Casper Zafer), it was revealed that killing an original will kill their entire blood line.

When Klaus (Joseph Morgan) discovered that the Salvatore brothers had the deadly white oak stakes, he made a deal that they could walk free if they gave him all of the white oak stakes they had. The only problem is that Alaric's serial killer alter ego hid the last stake, leaving the fate of the entire race of vampires in his hand.

The latest episode finds Stefan sending Elena and Damon off to Denver to make sure Elena's brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is safe from Klaus. Besides Jeremy's safety, Stefan is struggling with his feelings for Elena, and wants Elena to go on the trip to figure out if she is in love with Damon. None of that matters if she has feelings for somebody else, Stefan says of his journey back from his evil doings with Klaus.

Elena and Damon find Jeremy in Denver, as well as his new friend, original vampire Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic). As per usual with original vampire encounters, a fight breaks out with Kol taking a bat to Damon's head. Fortunately for Damon it's a wood bat, and he is able to stab Kol in the body with it, leaving Elena, Jeremy and him time to escape.

While Elena and Damon take off, Alaric is locked in the Salvatore's cellar so that him and Stefan can figure out where Alaric's alter ego hid the stake. In order for them to discover the location though, Alaric's alter ego must return. Klaus pays a visit to speed up the process. The fate of entire vampire race depends on you finding a stake, Klaus tells Stefan before he kills Alaric (who is still wearing his magic ring), hoping that when he wakes up he will be his psycho alter ego.

In Denver, the trio get to a motel, where they ask Jeremy to talk to the ghost of Rose (Lauren Cohan), the vampire who turned Katherine and subsequently Damon and Stefan. In talking to Rose they hope to discover which original vampire started their blood line. Rose talks to Jeremy, telling him that she missed Damon and is rooting for him and Elena. Rose also tells Jeremy that she was sired by a vampire named Mary, who Damon lovingly nicknamed Scary Mary. Scary Mary's location isn't known though, and Rose goes off to find where she is, forcing Jeremy, Elena and Damon to stay at the motel.

Jeremy isn't the only character to make a return to the Vampire Diaries after missing for a couple episodes. Back in Mystic Falls Tyler (Michael Trevino) returns from the Appalachian mountains to be reunited with Caroline (Candice Accola). The pair have a steamy hook up in an old caged cellar, and Tyler reveals that he is ready to test his sire bond to Klaus. Caroline also has some news to reveal, as Tyler has no idea about the danger of the vampire blood line. If Damon discovers that Klaus is not part of his and Stefan's blood line, he's prepared to kill the original vampire, Caroline tells Tyler. Unfortunately for Tyler, this means that his life would end as well.

Another bond is being tested as original vampire Rebekah (Claire Holt) goes to her house to discover that her witch mother Esther(Alice Evans) has returned. Esther had previously disappeared after a failed attempt to kill her vampire children. I'm dying, she tells her daughter, as she explains that her body was weakened when the Bennett witch line was severed. Rebekah struggles with the news, but can't overcome the fact that her mother tried to kill her. No one should live that long, Esther says in response, and fans witness her die as she grasps onto Rebekah.

Meanwhile, back in the Salvatore's crazy serial killer Alaric wakes up, and things get heated when Stefan has to beat the answer he is looking for out of Alaric.

A different kind of heat is brewing in the motel with Damon and Elena. Damon treats fans to a shirtless lounge as Jeremy and Elena sleep...the only thing is that Elena isn't sleeping, and Damon realizes that when he catches her watching him. For Delena fans their moment finally arrived when Damon lays next to her on the bed and holds her hand. The aww moment doesn't last too long as Elena quickly jumps out of bed and leaves the room to get air. Elena gets little air though as Damon follows her out, invoking a steamy make out session between the two.  

If the pair wanted to keep it a secret they failed, because Jeremy walks out to find them kissing. Rose found Mary, she lives in Kansas, he tells them with a disgusted look on his face.

Another road trip ensues as Jeremy, Damon and Elena go to Mary's house. At Mary's house they find her dead at the hands of an unwanted guest, Kol. Kol only got one good swing at Damon earlier, but he makes up for it by beating him repeatedly with an aluminum bat. The original vampire soon turns towards Elena, brutally throwing her against a wall when she tries to run. Damon protective side lashes out, growling Don't touch her. His words only result in more hits from Kol, who shortly stops when he feels that he has had enough.

Psycho Alaric isn't doing any better in the fighting department back in Mystic Falls. Tell me where the stake is before I kill you, Stefan warns Psycho Alaric. Near death does the trick as Alaric reveals that the stake is hidden in a magical cave that no vampire can enter.

 Stefan doesn't get far when he leaves Alaric to tell Damon that he knows the location of the stake. Rebekah and Klaus are waiting in the house for the news. Rebekah quickly takes Alaric, forcing him to take her to the location of the stake.

Back at Mary's house with Kol finally gone, Damon is trying to wrap his head around Elena when she suddenly withdraws from him emotionally. What the hell is this? he asks her. What are you doing? Stefan thinks that I have feelings for you, Elena counters. Do you? he asks.

Delena fans anxiously waited for a proclamation of love from Elena, but unfortunately all viewers got was an I don't know. Shockingly Damon has enough of her games. In the past he has lashed out whenever they hit a bump, but no more. I'm sorry Elena, he tells her, but this time I'm not gonna make it so easy for you. This time you'll have to figure it out for yourself.

Damon's showdown with Elena results in an awkward car ride home with Jeremy riding in the backseat. Jeremy isn't alone though, Rose's ghost appears to explain to him more about Damon and Elena's relationship, something that Jeremy is definitely not happy about. Elena makes Damon a better person, she tells Jeremy. He changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her, makes her question her life, beliefs...Damon is the best thing for her or the worst.

As Damon and Elena sit in silence trying to figure out their relationship, in Mystic Falls Tyler is being far from quiet with Caroline after discovering a drawing from Klaus. Does Klaus have a thing for you or something? Tyler asks. What the hell happened while I was gone? No matter Caroline's denials, Tyler is gone from her house as quickly as she came.

Meanwhile psycho Alaric finds the stake in the magical cave, and decides to try to bargain with Rebekah. Only one original has to die, he tells her. Help me and I'll make sure it's not you. Psycho Alaric and viewers get a bit of a shock though when Rebekah steps into the cave, something that vampires are supposedly not allowed to do.

In a shocking twist, it turns out that Rebekah's mother Esther did not die, Rebekah did. Using magic Esther took over Rebekah's body, fooling everyone, including Klaus. We have a great deal in common, she tells Alaric when she reveals that she is back to her original game plan: Kill the vampire blood line by killing her children.