After The Walking Dead second-season finale saw Rick Grimes' group of survivors leave the safety of the farm with the promise of a grim life taking shelter in a prison, fans have been dying to know what happens next in the AMC drama. Now, an announcement at The Walking Dead panel discussion at Comic-Con confirms that fans can get their fix when The Walking Dead season three makes its debut Oct. 14.

The panel featured executive producer and head writer Glen Mazzara, producer Gale Anne Hurd, and comic-book author Robert Kirkman, who created the series.

The Walking Dead's Twitter feed captured some choice statements to the audience.

It's about staying true to the spirit of the comic book, Mazzara told an excited crowd.

Other news at the panel discussion included a short reel of footage from the coming season. The Walking Dead season three promises to pick up on the plot threads that the season two finale set up. According to Twitter reports, the teaser trailer showed fan-favorite zombie hunter Michonne along with the villain, The Governor.

Also featured in the trailer was Woodbury prison, where Rick Grimes' group of survivors relocated in a memorable arc in the comic book. The Walking Dead season three promises to explore that plot thread, trapping the survivors in a prison that could lead to either their salvation or their death.

Finally, Merle Dixon, the insane, racist, redneck brother of fan-favorite badass Daryl Dixon, is set to make an appearance next season. Merle was last seen in season one, after cutting off his own hand to escape from a trap set by Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead's Twitter feed also promises, It's a very different season for Andrea. Over the past two seasons, fans have watched Andrea change from a weak, suicidal character to a gun-toting killer. This announcement seems to indicate that Andrea will be following this character path even further.