Last year FX had viewers frightened and completely hooked to "American Horror Story." The success of the new series can be seen with their 17 Emmy nominations, yet the show creators decided to throw the towel in and start from scratch.

"It's a completely new story," co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed for those who missed out on the first season. The completely new, unparalleled 13 episodes are a fresh start, welcoming anyone who didn't have the opportunity to catch the drama unfold in the L.A. Murder House.

Murphy is also using the new season, named 'Asylum,' as a chance to revamp the spooky opening sequence. Formerly featuring antique beat up porcelain dolls, scratched up old photographs and jars full of different body parts, TV Guide is reporting that Murphy is scrapping the opening credits.

"We are shooting a new title sequence with the same team that did last year's," he revealed. "The song may stay...not sure."

While some cast members from season one are set to return, Murphy can't emphasize enough that the new season will be a completely new show. Actors who were villains last year will be heroines, and the 'Rubber Man' that wreaked havoc will be retiring his suit.

"Bloody Face is this year's Rubber Man," Murphy explained, referencing an image from season two filming that fans may have stumbled across. The photo, which was posted on Twitter by Ryan Murphy featured new cast member (and Maroon 5 front man) Adam Levine smiling and holding a flashlight up to an interesting piece of graffiti. The graffiti is on a brick wall, and is a red painted image of a face with what could possibly be stitches. Below the face is painted "Bloody Face."

Season two of "American Horror Story" is reported to premiere in October, but Murphy has kept tight lipped on an actual date. He did however let it slip that the second episode will be "our amazing Halloween episode." If the Halloween episode actually airs on Halloween night, that would mean "American Horror Story" could possibly premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Are you excited about the new season of "American Horror Story?"