The release date for Halo 4 is still a ways away on Nov. 6, but the ending of the game may have been leaked, according to the Official Xbox Magazine. A new video documentary has revealed segments of what could be a legitimate Halo 4 script.

The leak originated in the NeoGaf forum on Sunday, and the alleged script isn't necessarily the final product that players will see in the game, writes OXM. It isn't likely that 343 Industries would let such an important component of the game slip before it's release date, and according to OXM, the ending was not impressive.

"I certainly hope so, because this is a fairly silly denouement," writes the magazine.

Below is the leak from the NeoGaf forum in full:

"In that case, you won't mind..." Cortana appears behind the Didact.

 At all of the Cortanas emerging from the Bridge

 "Compassion for mankind is misplaced." - Didact

 'I'm not doing this for mankind." Chief then Charges the Didact.

 Rushes towards Didact and jumps all over him (legs, arms, chest, back)

 Several takes of "Cortana" tackling and climbing on random objects at full speed.

 Didact is attacked by Cortana. He attempts to swat at Cortana as a means of self defense.

 Didact unclenches his fist and drops Chief.

 Cortana begins restraining Didact by constraining his limbs to the Bridge.

 -Several takes of "Cortana" climbing on "Didact" actor and then...

 a specific body part (head, back, waist, knees, elbows, shoulders)

 -Didact stuggle idle

 The above information has not been confirmed by 343 Industries, and therefore may not be the exact ending to "Halo 4." There is no indication of where this script came from or when it was written, and it can only be considered rumor at this point.

In short, this ending basically reveals that Cortana does a Zerg Rush and Master Chief performs a Shadow of the Colossus.

However, the new enemy known as the Didact will play an integral role in the story, gameplay and overall success of "Halo 4," as OXM also acknowledges. The Didact was once boss of the Forerunner military and campaigned against the creation and firing of the Halo array as a solution to the Flood menace.

His lover, the Librarian, had swept the entire galaxy clean of organic life, and repopulated it using samples preserved at the Forerunner Shield Worlds. However, the Didact believed that the key to winning the war lied in conventional naval tactics.

A video from PAX 2012 which showcases a multiplayer mode found in "Halo 4." This Free-For-All deathmatch mode, which puts players in a race to earn the most kills before the end of the round.

Check out the video below, put together by "Halo" fan Nexy, to get a glimpse for yourself.