A ninth season of "How I Met Your Mother" is still up in the air, but the show creators are not letting that effect the upcoming eight season. All the stops are being pulled out to ensure that the eight season is legen - wait for it - dary.

"The truth is, I think we'd love to keep going," executive producer Craig Thomas told Entertainment Weekly. "We think there's a great season nine, and we're excited and hopeful to hear how all the negotiations go."

No matter what's in store for the future of the show, the executive producers promised a couple key storylines for season eight. One in particular that they promise to explore was the big shocker at the end of season seven - Barney and Robin's wedding.

The wedding in the season seven finale was a flash forward, and fans can expect to go back to their big day in the season eight premiere.

"We go deeper in [Barney and Robin's] wedding day than we've ever gone before," explained Thomas. "We're going to show the fans a glimpse of something that we hope will blow their minds. I hope the fans will feel they have part of the answer about how the series ends and all new questions."

While fans will have the "glimpses" into the future, Barney and Robin are still a ways off from reuniting romantically. At the start of season eight, Barney is still with Quinn, meanwhile it's been confirmed that Robin will get a new love interest played by Michael Trucco.

"We're calling October, 'Breakup Month,'" Thomas told TVLine about Barney and Robin's doomed relationships.

The 'Breakup Month' might swallow Ted and Victoria's future as well. Although Thomas told TVLine that Victoria will be around for awhile since Ashley Williams has been confirmed to return in a multi-episode arc, expect a breakup. Since fans already know that Victoria is not Ted's wife or the mother of his children, it's just a matter of when and why they will break up.

EW previously reported that Ted will begin to second-guess his riding off into the sunset with Victoria when he learns that the runaway bride failed to leave her groom a note.

As for Marshal and Lily, not much has been spoiled as the new season finds them dealing with parenthood. What we do know is that "True Blood" actor Joe Manganiello will be returning for an arc as Marshal's law school buddy Brad.

"#HIMYM CASTING NEWS! @Joemanganiello is coming back as Brad in the 7th and 8th episode this year. And yes, he will have his shirt off!" CBS tweeted on Wednesday.

Fans have not seen Manganiello since season five, but we're kind of hoping he returns as a last resort baby sitter for Marshal and Lily's newborn.