At the end of season seven "How I Met Your Mother" shocked fans when Victoria (Ashley Williams) rode off into the sunset with Ted (Josh Radnor) a wedding dress! Now viewers will find out who Victoria abandoned at the altar -- and it's a familiar face!

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that former "Reno 911!" star Thomas Lennon has been cast as Klaus, the groom that Victoria left for Ted.

It's been previously revealed that the eighth season will kick off with Victoria driving off with Ted, but the couple will soon find that they have some trouble in paradise. Although TVLine reported that Ashley Williams will be around for a multi-episode arc, Ted will begin to second-guess his riding off into the sunset with Victoria. The reason for his doubt? Victoria failed to leave Klaus a note.  

"How I Met Your Mother" fans already know that Victoria is not the mysterious mother, but the storyline can still cause some great drama, especially since Ted  had his own experience with a runaway bride. Hewas left by Stella ("Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke) in season five.

"Ted Mosby is one of the only guys who can say [he's] been left at the altar and been left for at the altar," Executive producer Craig Thomas told EW. "He's been on both sides of a crazy equation."

Are you excited to see Thomas Lennon guest star on "How I Met Your Mother?"