Sookie's magic microwave hands are back as episode six of True Blood kicks off where we left off, in the abandoned asylum with Russell about to sink his fangs into Bon Temps favorite half fairy.

Vampire Authority In Action

The Vampire Authority must have had little faith in Bill and Eric. The two had barely laid hands on Russell when the Vampire Authority stepped in, taking the former king back to the Authority's headquarters.  Although Russell didn't seem to be putting up much of a fight physically, verbally he wastes no time bashing the mysterious Lilith.

Before leaving with Russell, the Authority does a pretty thorough clean up. The clean up involves Bill mock glamouring Sookie into forgetting the night, Eric actually glamouring Alcide (You will always protect Sookie with your life...You'll keep your hands off her romantically speaking, she kind of disgusts you.), and the Authority savagely murdering the rest of the humans that witnessed Russell and the vampire that dug him up.

Fangtasia Is A Lot Less Classier Without Eric

I can't be 100 percent sure, but I feel like Eric would not tolerate Hoyt's Avril Lavine get up and behavior at his bar.

Tara and Jess end their fight over Hoyt after Pam steps in (Guess that whole friendship thing is on hold, says Jess), but Hoyt seems to misinterpret Jess's fighting instincts.

You look ridiculous, Jess tells Hoyt (THANK YOU JESS!). While their relationship is clearly over, Hoyt drives Jessica to really knock it into his head (Hoyt we're over. Never going to happen.).

Sam And Luna Update

Luna's gunshot wound looked to be fatal last week, but this week we find both Sam and Luna alive and being brought into the hospital. Luna's obvious first instinct is to ask about Emma, who managed to escape to her grandmother's house, the deceased Marcus's mother.

In order to keep Luna and Emma safe, Sam begs Andy to let him help find out who the hate group is that is hunting the supernatural in town.

The Smoke Monster

Did the writers of Lost join True Blood? Patrick finally believes that the smoke monster is real and after him and Terry. Terry is losing his cool (more than usual) and decides to leave Arlene and the kids to protect them.

Jason and Sookie's Parents

Jason is still dreaming about his parents, and vows to find the vampire that killed them, and make them pay.

Jason decides to tell Sookie about the new lead on their parents death (who supposedly died in a flood), and leads her to the fairy night club where cousin Hadley told him about the vampires.

Alcide Remembers And Decides To Take Charge

F***ing Eric, Alcide says after Sookie makes him remember the previous evening. Alcide runs off in a huff after remembering that wolf pack member J.D. attacked him at the Asylum. Confronting J.D. in front of the other pack members, Alcide decides to make the move to become pack master. A serious fight between J.D. and Alcide is bound to happen sooner than later.

Save Jesus!

Lafayette goes to visit his mom Ruby Jean after being told she had a stroke. Ruby Jean seems to possess some of the magic Lafayette holds though, because she tells him that Jesus is in trouble in the after-life. Save Jesus , she tells him.

Bill And Eric - The Guys Who Took Down Russell

Taken back to the Authority, Bill and Eric have the wooden stakes removed from their chests, and are greeted with praise from the chancellor members.

 My boys, there are my boys! Roman boasts, informing them that the psycho-path terrorist will be executed tonight. Despite Salome's request for further interrogation of Russell, Roman decides to execute him without first discovering who freed him from his concrete grave.  


Nora has continued her crazy ramblings about Lilith in her cell, and while Bill has done his best to suck up to the Authority, Nora's brother Eric is doing his best to push buttons. Roman realizes that Eric is not a real threat though, telling him You are just too cool for school.

Sam And Andy: New Partners

Andy heads to a weapons store to learn more about the hate group hunting the non-humans. While Andy asks the store worker a couple questions, Sam walks in to check out the store. The store worker seems to be pretty suspicious, as he eyes Sam while talking to Andy.

Turns out the store worker is definitely guilty, as he tries to break out  gun, before he is shot in the chest with an arrow by Sam.

Die Fanger

Hoyt is still on his self-destructive binge. While getting drained outside of Fangtasia, the hate group terrorizing Bon Temps kills the vamp sucking on Hoyt. Dressed in Obama masks, a hate group member recognizes Hoyt, and takes him into their car.

Visit To The Fairy Club

Sookie and Jason go into the fairy night club looking for Hadley and answers. It's there that we finally meet relatives of Claudine, Sookie's deceased fairy godmother.

It's Claudine's brother Claude that tells Sookie and Jason what they want to hear - the truth about their parents. It turns out that the vampire who killed their parents were drawn to them because of a band-aid in their car that had Sookie's blood on it.

Sookie doesn't like what she hears, and tries to use her microwave hands on Claude. Sookie's magic doesn't work though, and Claude's sisters stick up for him, blasting their own microwave hands at Sookie.

Order Overthrown At The Authority

Roman pushes the automatic stake app on Russell, but somehow the no-fail tool has failed. Salome must have lied about silvering Russell, or his strength must be great, because Russell turns the stake on Roman. Seconds after muttering peace is for p***ies, Russell stakes Roman to a room full of shocked Authority members.

Are you shocked by episode six of True Blood?