Don't fret about Russell Edgington being on the loose after last week's Vampire Authority debacle! While Roman is still a big ol' bloody pile of goop, an Authority security measure manages to get Russell silvered again...but not before he manages to pin Eric against the wall by his throat. Take a look at a few key moments in True Blood's seventh episode of season five

Charge Her Back Up.
Each season True Blood fans learn a little bit more about Sookie's powers. Turns out, the fairy power in Sookie is very limited. The fairies test Sookie's fae and learn that she is depleting. Jason's solution to the matter? Let's just plug her in and charge her back up!

If Sookie does use up all her magic she won't die, but she will become strictly human.

They Killed Junior.

Sam might have shot Junior with a crossbow last week at the weapons shop, but the hate group already has a new member - Hoyt!

I feel more love and acceptance in this hate group, the easily persuaded Hoyt tells the group of Obama mask wearers. Hate groups are about more than hate.

With Hoyt now part of the gang, his hatred for Jessica could possibly make her the next vampire target in the future.

Go F--k Yourself, Nora.

 Originally behind bars again after the whole Roman fiasco, Bill and Eric are brought to see Salome...and a couple special guests. As suspected, Nora was part of the Russell uprising, and now she too is out from behind bars. Salome reveals that it was she who dug up Russell from the concrete so that he could kill Roman and free the Vampire Authority.

You killed my Talbot, but I forgive you, Russell graciously tells a snarling Eric. I have been born again in my new maker's image...Praise Lilith!

According to Salome, she's not on some power binge. I want to share the power with everyone, she explains to a suspicious Bill and Eric. The two Bon Temps vamps aren't buying it when they're asked to join the three of them and Lilith on this new journey. Bible bangin' c---'s, Eric spits out. Bill is a little nicer with his Lilith let down. Mainstreaming is the only way, Bill replies.

Luckily for Bill and Eric, they'll get another chance to accept the ways of Lilith.

How Could You Do This To Me?

Tara's new vampire life has been a real emotional roller coaster. Dressed to impress in a leather bondage-inspired bikini, Tara is taking her new job at Fangtasia seriously - pole dancing.

Unfortunately for her, this just happens to be the night that her former alcoholic mother Lettie Mae decides to visit.

How could you do this to me? Lettie Mae asks. I'm a minister's wife now. I can't have any daughter of mine being a vampire. I came here to tell you that from this day forward you are dead to me.

Tara takes her mom's unkind words like a champ in front of her, but takes some time to break down behind closed doors. Surprisingly we get to see a soft side of Pam.

So your mom's a real b---h, Pam tells Tara nonchalantly, continuing by saying that in another 100 years she won't even remember Lettie Mae. Those kind words seem to be just the trick for Tara, who embraces Pam in a touching moment. Don't think Pam is going completely soft though. After a couple seconds she pushes Tara away, telling her to get back up on that pole.

I Love Lilith, Praise Her.

An interesting crowd has gathered at the authority for a ceremony for Lilith. I believe Lilith forgives Russell for what he's done, Salome tells the room, which includes the surviving chancellor members, a former Authority prisoner, Nora, Bill, Eric, Steve Newlin and of course, Russell. So I do too.

I love Lilith, praise her, Russell tells the room, who mostly echoes his words.

Salome tells the room that tonight, they will all drink the sacred blood of Lilith.

While Bill and Eric spoke out against conforming earlier, it is now Chancellor Dieter's turn. This is blasphemy, he exclaims. All of it. Who are you to offer the blood of Lilith? He asks, but is beheaded by Russell before he can even finish.  

May Lilith forgive me, Russell says, looking around for anyone else to object.

I am like a tree in the wind, I am just so happy to be included, Newlin says with a smile as the blood of Lilith is passed around. Bill and Eric cave in and drink the blood, thinking 'what can vampire blood do to a vampire?'It turns out that Lilith's blood is quite a trip.

The crew head out into the world, high on Lilith's blood, and going to a location only she knows.

Jesus Voodoo

Lafayette was told that Jesus was in trouble, but it looks like it's him who is in trouble now. The Merlotte's fry cook drove out to Jesus' abuelo's house where the witch has Jesus' decaying head on a chair with its lips sewn together. Poor Lafayette ends up with his lips sewn together and his head sliced open as the abuelo does a ceremony with his pregnant wife. The goal is for Jesus' abuelo to get  back the magic that was passed onto Lafayette.

Fortunately Lafayette has the crazies on his side. As the abuelo is about to stab Lafayette, his wife savagely kills him by stabbing him repeatedly. With the abuelo dead, she turns to cut Lafayette's mouth open. Is the abuelo's wife possessed by Jesus?

A War Is Coming

Turns out JD has some sort of an idea of the war that is coming between vampires and humans. While Alcide and Rikki have been training to overthrow JD from his pack master role, Martha has been denying that the current pack master has been taking V. JD tells his group though that the only way to survive this upcoming war is to take V - and he tries to give it to Emma. Martha stops Emma before she takes the vampire blood, but it looks like her allegiance to the pack master has changed.

You Light Up My Life

We know vampires love a party. This time our drugged up vampires are crashing an engagement party, where the bride-to-be is singing a lovely rendition of You Light Up My Life.

The festivities come to a quick end though when Russell turns the song into a duet, and is recognized by the crowd. The engagement party then turns into a massacre.

As the vampires high on Lilith blood drain every member of the party, a drop of blood makes a naked woman dripping in blood appear - Lilith.

The vampires are in awe of Adam's first woman, the woman who came before Eve, and the woman who subsequently became the first vampire. Still naked, Lilith does not speak words, but screeches instead like a dragon, and breaths out a red mist that pulls her vampires back into a feeding frenzy.

The crazed feeding stops for one vampire though. Eric gets pulled from his drugged out stupor when Godric, his fully deceased maker appears. Like an angel hovering in a white fog, Godric gives Eric a warning.

This is wrong, Godric tells a stupefied Eric. You know this, but your sister does not. Save her, my son.

When Eric looks back up, Lilith has become invisible to him.

Other Craziness That Happened:

  • Sam sniffs out box of Obama masks.
  • Hoyt gets picked up for his first hate group night out.
  • Sam sniffs out a hate group member that works at the hospital.
  • Holly tells Arlene that a smoke monster might actually exist.
  • The smoke monster appears to Terry and Patrick in a field...but then disappears.
  • Terry almost commits suicide but is stopped by Patrick.
  • Jason gets mad at Jessica for feeding on a human.
  • Jessica snaps and bites Jason, who retaliates by shooting her in the head (obviously she's fine).
  • Sookie decides to try to blast all of her magic from her to become purely human.
  • Jason sees the microwave hand lightening coming from Sookie's house and runs over there.

What did you think of True Blood's seventh episode, In The Beginning?