The latest episode of "True Blood" has managed to build up even more drama while taking care of some unfinished business. With four episodes left of the fifth season of HBO's hit drama, here are seven key moments from episode nine, "Everybody Wants to Rule The World."

True Blood Factory Bombings

Looks like the new Vampire Authority took Bill's suggestion of bombing the True Blood factories to heart. The episode kicks off with a breaking news bit, informing viewers that the Houston, Texas True Blood Factory (which is the largest and accounts for the highest production of the fake blood) is on fire.

With the largest synthetic supplier closed down, Pam tries to keep Fangtasia running, telling Tara that they will keep serving it until it runs out. After their supply of True Blood is gone? They'll feed on humans privately while pretending they're still drinking the synthetic stuff. 

Unfortunately Pam's plan doesn't last for long when a vampire within the club starts openly feeding on a human...while sitting in Eric's old chair.  Committing the two crimes in Pam's bar (the latter being more offensive), we learn that this isn't any old vampire - he's the new sheriff of Area 5, Eric's old domain.

"Grab a human, drinks are on me," the new sheriff tells the dead bar patrons.

Meet The Dragon

While the vampire problem seems to be growing, the police department finally seems to have got the hate group situation under control...but not before they manage to kidnap and drug Hoyt and Sookie.

Hoyt ended up getting picked up in a truck by gunpoint while trying to get Jessica help. Sookie ended up in the hate groups hands when she went to former Sheriff Bud Dearborn's house to ask questions about the death of her parents.

It turns out that Bud Dearborn was one of the Obama mask wearing hate group members, and his girlfriend, "Sweetie," was the ring leader or "dragon."

The hate group plans on throwing Hoyt and Sookie to a pack of pigs, but Sam, Luna and the police interfere before the two hostages were fatally injured. The bust on the hate group did end with one casualty though. Andy, the new sheriff, shot Bud Dearborn in the chest as he went to swing a shovel at Sam.

Terry Vs. Patrick

Last week Lafayette contacted the ghost that had cursed Terry and Patrick with the smoke monster. It turned out one of them had to die in order for the smoke monster to disappear. While Arlene tried to talk sense in Terry, telling him that the last ghost they talked to tried to steal their baby, Terry realizes that he needs to offer Patrick a fair fight.

Although Terry wanted a fair fight, Patrick had other plans. Holding a gun to Arlene's head outside of Merlotte's, Patrick gets her to close the bar for the day and lure in Terry.

Terry goes to Merlotte's where he finds Terry still holding Arlene at gunpoint. Telling Terry that he has a baby on the way, he forces his old comrade to get on his knees and prepares to shoot him. Arlene has no plans to lose her man just yet though. She pulls out one of her hair clips and stabs Patrick in the neck with it at which point Terry manages to get into a physical struggle with his wounded buddy. Patrick manages to get the upper hand, but it's Arlene who shows the two men whose boss, grabbing the gun and pointing it at Patrick. Terry takes the gun, pointing it as his old friend, who is now begging for his life.

As the situation runs through his mind, the ghost of the woman they killed during the war appears in front of him, telling him to do the right thing. Without another moment of hesitation, Terry pulls the trigger, killing Patrick and riding himself of the curse.                                                

Alcide's Struggles

Losing the pack master position to V head JD, Alcide takes a drive to visit his father. While on the drive viewers catch a glimpse of Alcide's past, more specifically his first introduction into the wolf pack. Alcide's face isn't the only familiar figure we see in the flashback, viewers also see a young Debbie Pelt, his old girlfriend, former V addict, and now dead woman that is buried somewhere in Sookie's backyard.

"I lost pack master," Alcide tells his dad when he arrives at his trailer. The situation of being thrown out of the Shreveport pack must be something familiar to the father and son, because Alcide's father responds with, "You're a lone wolf now, just like your old man."

Russell and Newlin's New Pet

The Shreveport wolf pack will soon enough be begging for Alcide's return. Russell takes his new boy toy, Steve Newlin, to visit his wolf pack.

Feeding the wolf pack his blood, one wolf isn't acting like a wild animal to get in on the action. That lone wolf is Martha, who is holding onto her granddaughter Emma. Russell decides to teach Martha a lesson for not drinking his blood, ripping away wolf Emma and giving her to Newlin, who never had a pet before.

Finally acting like a pack master, JD stands up to Russell, asking for their pack member Emma back. His request is met by a firm grip on his throat, as Russell asks him, "Did you think my blood was free? You silly, silly dog."

Bill's Allegiance Revealed

As Eric tells Bill to get over "whatever religious crisis" he's going through, fans think that the once mainstreaming vampire will help Eric escape the Vampire Authority's confinement.  With his ideas about Lilith softened by the thought of Sookie, Bill initially agrees to get Salome's blood, the thing they need to escape the Vampire Authority. Unfortunately his thoughts about Sookie go too far, and while getting intimate with Salome, he pictures himself with Sookie, ravenously biting into -or in reality, Salome. Salome, who turned into Sookie, then turns into Lilith, until finally turning back into Salome. It's his new lover's blood that twists his allegiance.

Bill ends up foiling Eric's plans, telling him that he's been chosen by Lilith, and that this is all part of God's plans."

Sookie's Fae Visit

After a rough day, Sookie is watching the news as reports inform that True Blood factories in Japan and Kuwait have been bombed. Steve Newlin issues a statement, informing that the bombings are part of a "vicious terrorist attack." Sookie's fairy family - the Claude's -- visit, telling her the real cause of the attacks on the True Blood factories. It's vampire's they tell her, "they're taking over the world."

What do you think was the most shocking part of "True Blood's" episode nine, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World?"