"True Blood's" season five finale airs tonight. If you're starving for some Bon Temps drama, then we have a juicy extended preview of episode 12, "Save Yourself."

At the end of episode 11, "Sunset," viewers discovered that after Russell drained the Elder fairy he had the power to see the others in their hidden dimension. The almost two minute extended preview for "True Blood's" season finale shows that Sookie managed to escape Russell alive (although the fate of the other fae remains a mystery).

"Maybe I should take you to the emergency room," Sookie tells Jason, who looks beat up after his part in the fight between Russell and the Elder. "You're acting pretty weird."

Weird, indeed. Jason, who looks fine besides a couple scratches, is having a couple hallucinations...and they're pretty serious. While Sookie sits alone on the couch talking to Jason, her brother sees her sitting between their parents - who happen to have died when they were children at the hands of the ancient vampire, Warlow.

"It's a wonder one of those fangers hadn't killed your baby sister by now," Jason's deceased father says to him.

"Lord knows they tried," adds his deceased mother.

If a night full of Russell and dead parents weren't enough, the Stackhouse residence gets some unexpected (although fan welcoming) guests - Eric, Nora and Tara.

Sookie seems immune to the fact that three vampires just zipped into her house without knocking, because besides asking Tara if she's alright (Tara doesn't answer), she questions Eric about signing the house over to her.

"I'll do it first thing tomorrow night," Eric tells her, "If we survive tonight."

Always the bearer of bad news, Eric tells Sookie exactly what her needs from her.

"I need you to come with us into the Vampire Authority. They got Bill and Jessica....and Pam," he explains.

"And you owe Pam," says Tara, finally speaking to her ex-best friend.

With his dead parents watching the interaction go down, Jason sticks up for Sookie, telling the vampires that Sookie is not going with them. What ensues is a hilarious verbal catfight between Jason and Eric (blood bag, leech, meat sack, dead f- - k).

To add to the already bizarre conversation, Nora jumps in, telling Sookie that she smells like something she "once dreamed of."

Nonchalantly, Sookie replies, "Eric, please ask your sister to not look at me like that."

Check out the video below, as Eric gives Sookie an update on the recent turn of events since being held captive in the Vampire Authority.