In a show about vampires and other supernatural creatures, no character is safe from harm. Throughout its five seasons, "True Blood" has taken many lives, including Renee, Gran, Debbie, Roman, Godric and many more. While "True Blood" taketh, the show was also able to giveth new life to characters, like Jessica, Tara and Steve Newlin. Is season five ready to take another life?

Judging by the trailer for episode 10, Jason Stackhouse's life may be in jeopardy. In a quick image during Sunday night's trailer, Jason appears to be lying limp in a grave next to a mourning Jessica. Although a brief glimpse, the image is pretty damaging, and depicts something very familiar.

During the premiere episode of season five, fans saw Pam curled up next to Tara in the grave, just like what Jessica is doing in the scene with Jason. When turning a dead human into a vampire, the maker must lie with them buried underground. The scene from next week's episode looks like Jason and Jessica might be in the middle of getting buried.

Jason's had a rough season so far. With a severe falling out with his best friend Hoyt over Jessica, Jason has also been struggling with new information regarding the death of his parents. It was revealed earlier this season that a flood did not cause their death, but rather a vampire hungry for Sookie's blood.

Although we can't be certain if Jason does die in the new episode, Ryan Kwanten has been great at keeping the plot line tight lipped. The actor recently spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, only revealing that "this season is a classic kind of cliffhanger - a 'what the hell going to happen' moment."

Click here to look at the screen shot from the promo video of Jason in the ground with Jessica.

Do you think Jason is going to turn into a vampire?