We previously revealed that the Vampire Diaries was getting some new blood, and now we know exactly who it is! Nine Lives of Chloe King star Grace Phipps has been cast as April, Mystic Falls new girl-next-door.

April is reportedly the daughter of Pastor Young, a new (and currently uncast) bad guy who is a man of God, but hates vampires. While Pastor Young reportedly dies in the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, his daughter will show up at his funeral in episode two.

Zap2it.com reports that April is a natural beauty with a bit of an edge.Phipps recurring character is 16-years-old and used to live in Mystic Falls, but spent the past couple years away at a private school. As we previously reported, her father's death will bring her back into town, but it is unclear if she has ulterior motives.

According to Zap2it, since Elena and Jeremy have a childhood history with April, it's important to Elena to protect her from Mystic Falls' many secrets. Since almost nothing remains a secret in Mystic Falls, we find it hard to believe that Elena will be able to shield her...plus Elena should be focused more on her transformation!

Grace Phipps will join season four newcomer Todd Williams, formerly of Chicago Code and In Plain Sight. Williams is set to be a new trouble maker in town named Connor. Connor just happens to be a highly trained killing machine. It seems like when you lose one highly trained killing machine in Mystic Falls, you gain one (RIP Alaric).

The CW also has yet to reveal who will be playing Pastor Young or Professor Shane, a teacher at the local university who happens to know a thing or two about the paranormal.

Our theories on Grace Phipp's April? She could be a new love interest for Jeremy, and since she's known the family, it's possible for some flashbacks. The flashbacks would tie in nicely with our report of Dave Anders spotted hanging out with the Vampire Diaries cast in Atlanta. Anders could return as John Gilbert in an old memory of April as a child, or John Gilbert could return as a ghost to give Jeremy some dating advice.

Another possible storyline for April is for her to team up with the new big bad, Connor. While Pastor Young's death is a mystery, one theory is that he died at the hands of a vampire (Damon or Tyler/Klaus), and April wants revenge.

What do you think April's storyline will be?