It's possible that AMC's "The Walking Dead" could be walking onto the big screen. Reports are circulating that the hit series may be getting a movie spinoff. is reporting that the "Walking Dead" set has had "rumblings" of a feature film. The movie adaptation rumors stem from sources that "work closely with 'The Walking Dead' crew."

"When I say rumblings, I strongly suggest the idea has been passed off in non-business conversations," explains writer MrDisgusting.

A "Walking Dead" movie doesn't seem too farfetched. The show, which is currently moving into its third season, was originally shopped around as a film.

While a "rumbling" may possibly be happening, "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman seemed to have shot down the idea of a film in 2010. According to, Kirkman explained that "I didn't want to do a movie for obvious reasons, and TV always seemed like a tough sell. But AMC got behind it and pushed the limits."

A movie version of the hit show seems a little premature. Besides going strong with a third season, "The Walking Dead" is also still producing successful graphic novels.

Currently no active plans for a "Walking Dead" movie exist.

Would you like to see a "Walking Dead" movie?