Madison Ave. Media, Inc., provider of advanced digital media marketing and communication solutions, announced today that James Bernard “Bernie” Rice has joined its Advisory Board.

After starting with IBM, where he held increasingly senior level positions in sales and finance, Mr. Rice became Vice President of Business Development for IBM’s Consumer Division. Here he began a distinguished career in the development of breakthrough online research and learning platforms, including the formation of Riverdeep, Inc., an IBM spin-off, helping to make it the fastest growing educational software company in the nation, now serving approximately 45,000 schools in over 20 countries.

In 2003, Mr. Rice co-founded Best Practice Networks, Inc., now a leading developer of online K-12 and career adult learning technologies, and also co-founded Educational Partners, a company that markets educational software for preschool and grade school children in 20 languages.

Mr. Rice is currently a Partner and CFO for Globe-Allianz Development Group, utilizing advanced platforms and government funding to develop homes and communities for the disadvantaged, in the U.S. and overseas.

Stephen Molinari, Chairman of Madison Ave. Media, commented on the announcement. “Bernie has been a trusted friend and advisor since the company was founded. Knowing that he will continue that role plus expand his involvement with our Madison Ave. Media Advisory Board is a tremendous asset to the company.”

Madison Ave. Media offers products and services that connect traditional media with digital and organic media exposure opportunities, providing a differentiated and competitive array of marketing technologies and services to clients in multiple industries. The result is highly productive marketing, communications, and advertising, combining the best practices of traditional media support and the power of technology.

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