The Walking Dead is premiering on Sunday, October 14, and to celebrate the release date and the Comic-Con panel, AMC has released a four minute trailer for the highly anticipated season three.

The season three trailer kicks off with a scene that may look familiar to fans. Earlier this week AMC released a short clip highlighting new character Michonne's walker fighting abilities. A character straight out of the graphic novels, Michonne shows that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Walking Dead fans will remember that in the season two finale Michonne (and her arm-less, mouth-less walker groupies) rescued Andrea from becoming a zombie's main course. Andrea is still with Michonne when the pair spot something that fans have been waiting to run into - the mysterious helicopter.

Viewers finally get a glimpse inside and find that it's a group of soldiers manning the helicopter, but hope of a rescue is short lived. Within seconds we see that the helicopter is having some sort of failure, and while the screen goes black in the trailer, we hear a devastating crash.

Meanwhile Rick's group of survivors (sans Andrea of course) has finally stumbled across the prison, which we soon find will become their new home. It's perfect, Rick says, surveying the prison property. Only one flaw though - it's infested with walkers, more specifically criminal walkers (double scary).

Weapons, food, medicine, Rick tells the group. We have to go in there. This prison is ours And they do, swinging weapons and shooting guns.

The prison is obviously a large place, and while fans last season complained that the group didn't face enough zombies, the trailer proves that walkers are in no short supply.

Back to Michonne and Andrea. Judging by the trailer, Michonne was alone before stumbling across Andrea in the woods. The two go to hide from unknown humans (the culprit in the clip looks like one-handed Merle), but are captured and brought to Woodbury, home of the Governor.

Viewers finally get to look inside Woodbury, a location that was only formerly seen in the graphic novels. A secured are with buildings, Woodbury looks like a ghost town, unaffected by the zombie apocalypse. Within Woodbury, Walking Dead fans finally get to see the Governor in action. While he tells Michonne and Andrea that they are guests, Michonne wisely says that she doesn't trust him.

Andrea and Michonne aren't the only ones that have a run in with the Governor. He goes out to the prison, where he comes face to face with Rick and his new number two, Daryl. Turns out the Governor somehow thinks that the prison is his, in which Rick tells him that it's ours, we spilt blood. The spilt blood remark makes fans ask the question: Did we lose one of Rick's group members already? And if so, who?

The Walking Dead kicks off their third season on Sunday, October 14 at 9:00 p.m.

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