App stores have become synonymous and crucial to the functionality of a touchscreen phone since the first phone was announced nearly 4 years ago. Every major cellphone maker is now intent on boosting the collection on its 'app stores.'  Nokia, once an undisputed leader in the cell phone market, lost some footing due its late start in this area but is catching up quite fast.

Here are 10 of the best apps available on Nokia phones - some practical, some fun.

1.       F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile
Cellphones are probably the single gadget that contain every single personal detail. People even store passwords, credit card numbers and other crucial detail on the cell phone. F-Secure helps you delete all the data on your phone or remotely lock it, if you believe your phone is missing or have just forgotten on your desk at office or home. This application makes sure that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

2.       Smart Folder
Smart Folder provides more security features for people who want hide stuff on the cellphones. It is particularly applicable to photos and audio files you do not want nosy people who pick up your phone to just browse through to see. The catch here is, again, the 5 euro price, though there is a trial feature available for a limited period.

3.       Super CallRecorder
This is a very useful tool for reporters, PR people or anyone who wish to record phone conversations as they talk.

4.       Advanced Call Manager
Remember all those calls that you could not pick up and you wanted to send a message stating you'd call back or something else? There are in-built features in the Nokia phone that allows you to send a default message when you cut the call. With ACM, you can divide those contacts into groups with the messages you want to send, filter calls with different messages and ignore particular calls. The full paid version has more features at 7 euros.

5.       Flashlight Extreme/SOS
Both the apps work similarly - converting your cellphone into a flashlight. However, the 'Extreme' version requires a one-time download of about 13MB. The SOS version doesn't always live up to its promise of converting the display screen into a 'powerful flashlight'. It also promises lights of 7 different colors but various reviewers have mentioned that the colors keep changing way too fast or get stuck on a single color. Worth installing for emergencies though.

6.       Speereo Voice Translator
The best app for people constantly traveling. It promises a phrase book of 16 languages and more. Some features like maps and guides require internet connection. This app is also priced at 5 euro. Alternatively, there are apps like the 'Free Translator' or 'Dictionary & Translation Pro' that work equally well but require an internet connection.

7.       Worldmate 2009
Worldmate 2009 is yet another travel app. Weather forecasts, flight schedules and alerts, currency converters and more - all wrapped into this one app. True, much of these are now available on the higher-end phones but this is a one-stop shop, with flight details. Meant mostly for those constantly on the go.

8.       Touchnote - Postcards
Take a photo. Send it to someone as a real postcard. In theory, this app works great. Your own photos converted into postcards and mailed to whoever you wish. However, reviews on the app state that the app fails a little at the execution level. Some reviews even state that postcards never reached the intended destination, some say it took a little longer but got there eventually. Worth a shot though. Besdies, it takes up very little space on your cellphone.

9.       Carpe Diem Daily
This is a fun app for those who are looking for something different. Based on the website, the app states it helps you do something new every day. For those who want every day to be an adventure and something special, this app is definitely the way to go.

10.   Fake Calls
Agreed, the iStore had this a while ago. But now you can pretend to get a call too, like your friends on the iPhone, and escape a sticky situation. Edit the contact information to set a particular name, schedule a time for the call or the message. The calls are free, but the app will cost you 3 euros.

Other than these, we recommend these apps, if you already do not have them on your cellphone

-          eBuddy Messenger - now available on almost all smartphones, this is an all-in-one messenger. You can sign in to google talk, Facebook, MSN and the rest and constantly be in touch with friends, even on the go.

-          Shazam - Remember that song you heard in a restaurant and spent the rest of the day wondering who the artist is, or what the song was? Shazam can identify the song, the artist, album and the year.

-          Ovi Maps - Your own Nokia GPS, with voice guidance and directions.

-          Nokia Image Exchange - This app is still in the beta stage, which means glitches. But it makes sharing images easier and fun. And it is free.