So you’ve got your very own iPhone 4S after standing in a long queue outside an Apple retail store? Now all you need to do is set the smartphone up with the new iOS 5 after you’ve unboxed it.

There should not be any problem while setting it up for use. However, if you do face any such difficulties, here is a step-by-step procedure on how to set the new smartphone up.

Step One

Here you will be asked to select the language of operation. You will then be asked to choose your geographic region. This is the same step as that of setting up a new Mac. During the process, the background will flash characters in numerous languages followed by a world map that will come as a taste of the device’s integrated graphics.

Step Two

When you are done with that, the smartphone will ask you if you would like to enable Location Services. Enabling Location Services will allow Maps and other apps to accumulate and make use of data indicating the user’s exact location. The screen will show the common triangle Location Services logo. The next screen will give you a more detailed description about Location Services.

Step Three

The device will then ask you to select a Wi-Fi network or an existing cellular network to access internet. Once you done that, the device activates it. The page will, nonetheless, warn you that the step may take up to three minutes. The time span will depend on a variety of cellular and Wi-Fi networks. However, if the process doesn’t complete successfully, the screen will report, “We’re sorry. There was a problem completing your activation.You can restart the activation process by turning your iPhone off and on. If activating via iTunes, please disconnect and reconnect your iPhone.

Step Four

Next the phone will ask if you want to set up the device as a new iPhone or insert pre-set content and settings from an iCloud or iTunes backup file. After setting it up as a new iPhone, the iOS 5 will ask for your unique Apple ID. If there is a problem in connecting to the network, the device will provide a notification by saying that there is no network connection and ask if you want to skip the ID step or use an alternate data connection.

Step Five

Now if you opt to skip entering an Apple ID, Apple will issue a warning saying that a number of the smartphone’s services, like App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud are dependent on the account and that creating a new account is free and easy. Although the next screen says that “It may take a few minutes to set up your Apple ID…,” it will actually happen pretty quickly.

The next screen demonstrates the benefits of having an Apple ID and shows you a list of services, like iCloud, downloading apps from App Store, purchasing songs and TV shows from iTunes Store, etc, that may be accessed using the Apple ID.

Step Six

One you’ve entered a new Apple ID, iOS 5 will ask you if you want to make use of iCloud and will provide you with information about what the free service will offer. The next steps will ask you if you want to backup to iCloud or to your local computer using iTunes, if you want to set up Find My Phone and whether you are willing to activate Siri. The device will also go on explaining what these choices will mean.

Step Seven

The next step will also ask if you want to use iCloud or iTunes for backups or whether you want to back it up on your computer and will again give you a detailed description of what these steps and choices entail.

Step Eight

This step is important as it will ask you if you are willing to use the Find My Phone feature. This feature will help you find your device on a map, play a sound or display a message if you accidently misplace it. You device is a very costly buy so it is better you enable it. The feature will also provide you with options to lock the screen with a passcode and remotely wipe data on the iPhone. Note that this feature is not available in all countries.

Step Nine

This step will ask you if you would like to activate the Siri technology. The screen will describe feature, saying that “Siri helps you get things done just by asking. You can make a phone call, send a message, dictate a note, or even find a restaurant.”

When you click on the link “What is Siri?” at the bottom of the screen, it will give you a detailed description of what the technology can further offer. Note that Siri will not aid you if you are looking to surf the web via voice command.

Step Ten

The last step will ask if you want to send diagnostics to Apple. This is a step to help the company improve its products and services by automatically sending daily diagnostics and usage data. The next screen will ask you if you want to register the device to your Apple ID that will keep you updated on product information and a faster access to support.

In Conclusion

Now the device will confirm that you have successfully completed the “PC Free” setting up of the phone. Once you start using the phone, you will be directed to the Home screen and asked to try out Siri. You just need to press and hold the home button to start using Siri.