In an upcoming issue of Journal of the Society for Information Display, researchers from the University of Cincinnati are boldly predicting the future of e-displays. Some of the predictions could hardly constitute as a guess (color e-readers) while on others are huge leaps in technology (indestructible e-sheets).

Whether it's a tablet, e-reader or any other kind of display-focused e-device, here are the 10 predictions from the University of Cincinnati researchers. Jason Heikenfeld, associate professor at University of Cincinnati and lead author on the study, which was named A Critical Review of the Present  and Future Prospects for Electronic Paper, worked on it with several colleagues. This included Paul Drzaic of Drzaic Consulting Services; research scientist Jong-Souk (John) Yeo of Hewlett-Packard's Imaging and Printing Group; and research scientist Tim Koch, who currently manages Hewlett-Packard's effort to develop flexible electronics.