It's tough trying to make a splash in the startup world, especially when you're in New York City, where big wigs rule the land. That's why conventions can be so important for small businesses. They give them an opportunity to make their mark among industry leaders. At least, that's what one firm hopes to do.

A small company is gathering groupies to support the company at the upcoming convention Cloudforce NYC, which focuses on cloud-computing businesses. The company posted an ad on Zazzle, a location-based real-time marketplace website, that called for people to walk the show floor, wear a company hoodie and enjoy the convention. In exchange for their efforts, the person would be paid $10 and get to keep the hoodie.

The story was first reported by BetaBeat, who contacted the ad poster: Sure. Social sales Analytics. Recently launched on appexchange and looking to make a splash at the event. Technique worked well for us at Dreamforce. Would like the help! said the poster.

Cloudforce NYC is an event hosted by Salesforce, the cloud computing company that distributes business software on a subscription basis. The event will focus on cloud computing and will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders including representatives from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GE Capital, American Express and more.