Multiple attacks carried out by anti-government militants killed at least 10 people including 5 suicide bombers and wounded 45 other with majority of them civilians in Herat city, 640 km west of the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, a local media reported.

Police officials said a suicide bomber blew his explosive-laden car up near the entry gate of NATO-led forces Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), run by Italian troops. The explosion was followed by gun shots.

More than 3,000 Italian troops have been stationed in Afghanistan, mostly in the western region.

Militants wearing suicide vests seized a building next to the PRT base and began firing on PRT compound, according to police.

In the terrorist attacks and counter-attack 10 people including four civilians, one police and five suicide bombers were killed, police chief of Herat province Syed Aqa Saqib said at a press conference on Monday evening. 45 people including 34 civilians and 11 policemen sustained injuries, he added.

The attackers, after exploding the car near the entry gate, occupied a building and began firing randomly, police said.

Media reports from Italy quoted Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa in Rome as saying that five Italian soldiers were injured in the attack.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attack, a local media reported.

Herat is one among 7 areas where Afghan security forces will take full security responsibility in July from NATO and U.S. forces stationed in the country.