Most people work so hard at making a living…that they never take time to learn how to market themselves. When they do look for a job they do everything wrong!

1. “Answering ads and going to recruiters is all I need.”

FACT: Ads only account for 1 of every 33 job openings and answering them is the most competitive way to look for a new job. In addition, the openings with recruiters add up to less than 9% of the job market. Today, they’re a long shot.

2. “My friends say I have a great resume.”

FACT: Your family and your friends may have said you have a great resume. However, today, if it isn’t a narrative; if it doesn’t have a clear objective; and if it doesn’t communicate benefits…it probably won’t work. With thousands of resumes pouring in, neither employers nor recruiters have time to figure out how to use you.

3. “I can always get a job with my personal contacts.”

FACT: With 30 million people looking for new jobs this year, if this is all you do you’ll be job hunting for a long, long time. In the 2000s, to be successful, you have to market yourself with the right plan, the right materials, and the right strategies. It’s really no different than marketing any other product or service.

4. “If I can just get enough interviews…I’ll get the job.”

FACT: Most people get rejected in interviews because they treat these meetings as just another friendly visit. The people who succeed at interviewing are the ones who have planned for it. They know the secrets of how to build chemistry…and they’ve learned how to overcome every objection that is thrown their way.

5. “In my case, sending out a lot of resumes is all I need.”

FACT: Success will depend on your mailing list, your advance phone work, your materials, and your telephone follow-up. In addition, you won’t have a chance if you do ignore the proven direct mail techniques that are known to work.

6. “If I hang in there long enough – I’ll get the right job!”

FACT: The longer you are looking, the less marketable you become. And, if you are using traditional jobhunting methods, you could be looking for many months…even years. Time isn’t the issue, and the problem isn’t with you. It’s about doing the right things, having impressive materials, and taking advantage of the latest professional job search formulas.

7 “I don’t want to use the phone. I’ll do it another way.”

FACT: Today, if you think that it is up to employers to get in touch with you if they need you…you are sadly mistaken. Telemarketing has emerged as the fastest way for setting interviews. While there is a science for doing this-it’s a lot easier than you think!

8. “My field is slow, but I can’t change careers.”

FACT: More people than ever are getting their new jobs because they know how to change both careers and industries. They move from steel to computers; from education to business; from sales to administration; from law to finance and so on. Chances are, if you want to get ahead you are going to change careers several times throughout your working life. So, perhaps now is the time to find out how to do it.

10. “I just don’t have the right leads or contacts.”

FACT: If your only problem is getting access to the right leads, contacts, and openings, then you’re practically home free. The revolution in computer databases, the Internet, and new professional search techniques…make solving this problem easier than ever before.