The use of email marketing has had a profound impact for companies looking to promote their products and services. It has been especially powerful for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Without the marketing budgets of larger competitors, SMEs are much eager to have a cost effective, successful and measurable method of communicating with their customers.

On this account, GraphicMail has been proud of their permission based email marketing solution, which is dedicated to helping SMEs with their communications - by providing mobile, email and social marketing services that are both cost effective and easy to use.

Who is GraphicMail?

Quattro Internet Solutions GraphicMail are committed to helping businesses and organizations, big and small alike, with their communications and internet marketing solutions. GraphicMail provide easy-to-use tools to stay in touch with their customer bases.

The GraphicMail application, developed by Quattro, now has over 6000 customers, with support offices in 17 countries - making it a global leader in its market. Organizations as diverse as Europcar, Siemens, Shell, Cosmopolitan and the American Medical Association use GraphicMail to maintain relationships with their distributors, customers and members.

Why choose GraphicMail?

Interface - Simple to use. Take a no obligation free trial today!

Commitment to Deliverability - GraphicMail closely monitors all their IP addresses, conform to all industry best practices and technological standards and have white-listing arrangements with major ISPs such as AOL. GraphicMail also offers dedicated IP addresses for clients who want more control over their own deliverability.

Sophisticated Feature Set - GraphicMail gives you everything offered by the competition and beyond, for example mobile phone Text messaging (SMS), Auto-Responders, List Segmentation (by demographics or email response behavior) and an hosted Image Library.

Competitive Pricing - GraphicMail's Monthly and Pay-as-you-go price plans are the most flexible offers on the net.

The Innovative Team - GraphicMail is global and multi-lingual, which gives the company insight into diverse market niches and ensures that they can think outside the box.

Refund Policy - Given at least five working days' notice in writing, Quattro Internet Solutions may at their discretion make a full or partial refund of unused credits for the remaining period of the GraphicMail subscription.

This year, GraphicMail is strongly moving towards mobile marketing tools, enabling clients to send a mobile campaign via a mobile-site link in an SMS.

Operating in 17 different countries, the micro-international company sees its biggest market share in the USA, followed by China, the United Kingdom and Spain.

From the following slides, you can find 10 reasons why GraphicMail can provide the right Email marketing services to help you with communication, brand building, and driving traffic to your website or special offers.