1. You must be a successful analyst before you can become a successful trader

2. Know that new Information is the cause of price movement, while the pattern of highs and lows is the effect

3. Always know what's on the calendar

4. Expect corrections; always use stops

5. Know how to take advantage of the markets manic nature: buy dips in uptrends, and sell rallies in down-trends

6. Have a simple, well-worn framework in place for measuring price pattern and direction

7. Understand that it's the nature of asset class markets to climb stairs, and jump out windows

8. The more you trade the more losing trades you will have, get used to it

9. Trade multiple contracts, so you can exit a portion with a profit, and let the balance ride with a break-even stop

10. Never put your opinion ahead of a closing price 

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Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.