The following 10 tips will help you save some money on your next bathroom renovation:

Replace or Modernize
When doing a bathroom renovation you essentially have two choices, you can either replace it completely or modernize it. If you are just going for a different look and want to save some money you can very simply modernize your bathroom with new fixtures, a fresh coat of paint or even have the bathtub and sinks reglazed. With some research, and careful planning you can give your bathroom a stylish update at a fraction of the cost of new materials.

Another way to save some money on your bathroom renovation is to reuse items that do not need changing or updating. Even if you are going for the full bathroom renovation you can still reuse items, such as vanities, toilets and even tile, and incorporate them into your new design.

Planning ahead will not only help you to stay within budget but it will give you the needed time to find deals on materials. Many homeowners think a renovation is an all-or-nothing affair where you have to purchase everything right away, gut the room to the bare bones and then renovate. If you plan ahead now, with design ideas and colour schemes, you can slowly acquire the needed items and materials as you find deals or sales. It takes a little research, but ultimately you will save some money.

There are many programs that are now offering rebates, credits or other incentives for upgrading to energy efficient products, such as installing water conserving low-flow toilets, faucets or showerheads. Taking advantage of these incentives will also help reduce your monthly utility expenses.

If you are handy there are parts of your bathroom renovation you can do yourself. Although this will help save you money be sure not to go outside your abilities as mistakes could cost you. When in doubt hire a professional.

Hire A Professional
Now is the time to hire a contractor as many are feeling the crunch and have had to lower their labour rates. In order to save some money make sure you get a couple of different quotes and meet with each of the contractors. You can even try to set them up for a bidding war if you think the rates are too high, but just be careful. And remember, when hiring a contractor it is always advised to get at least three references of their work and actually look into them.

Never Pay Full Price
As any good contractor knows, you should never pay full price for materials. Although they usually order it in bulk, Big Box Stores do not always have the best deal on materials, especially if you want to go with higher quality.

Research Your Products
Planning ahead leaves you time to conduct research on materials and where to find better prices. Some specialty stores, specifically ceramic tile stores, sell off their old stock at a fraction of the price. You may also want to browse the classifieds in your local paper or online to see who is trying to offload some excess materials.

Order Products Online
You can also save money by ordering materials online. Some online retailers have coupon codes available to reduce prices and many places offer the option to have the materials shipped to the store, which will save you money on shipping fees.

Go For Quality
Just because they may initially be cheaper you should never go for the substandard materials. In the long run the cheap stuff may just end up costing you more to replace when it breaks or wears out.

 Author Resource:->  Corey Rozon and David Leonhardt are Canadian freelance ghostwriters.

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