Alycia Debnam-Carey was recently written off “The 100,” and she knows fans are not happy. Her character Lexa was killed in Season 3, episode 7 after getting shot, and many viewers were outraged. Lexa was leading lady Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) love interest, and she was one of the limited number of lesbian characters in a leading role on TV. Debnam-Carey has heard the reactions loud and clear, but she wants to clarify that Lexa’s sexuality didn’t have anything to do with her death.

“I think it’s incredible to see such a passionate response,” Debnam-Carey told the Hollywood Reporter.  “I think it’s important for me to note that that decision was never made from a negative point of view; it was never an attempt to bait or to enflame a social issue. It was a creative choice and it didn’t come at the expense of thinking about a social issue — maybe it should have more. But I definitely want fans to think that the love for Lexa on the show and a collaboration that we’ve all made on that show has only come from a good place.”

A lesbian or bisexual character killed right after finding happiness (Lexa and Clarke finally got together just before her death) happens so often that many consider it to be a trope. However, “The 100” executive producer Jason Rothenberg said that Lexa’s death wasn’t always in the story.

“Had I always planned on killing Lexa? No. ...Alycia was only available to us for a short window of time, a certain number of episodes,” Rothenberg told TV Guide earlier this month. “We had to be done with her by episode 7. So I knew that and I knew she was a series regular on another show [‘Fear the Walking Dead’] that was definitely going to last. Safe bet that that show's not going away any time soon.”

To Debnam-Carey, killing Lexa was the best choice. She didn’t want to leave fans hanging. 

“When I’ve watched characters that I love and adore on TV shows and they’re sent off without a really defining moment or a clear cut reason, I get annoyed, because I’m like, ‘Well, that’s lazy, like, maybe they’ll go, maybe they’ll come back,’” the actress explained to Entertainment Weekly. “I’m not a fan of that type of storytelling usually. I like that it was a very passionate and then heartbreaking moment.”

Yet, “The 100” is a sci-fi drama, so even death won’t stop fans from speculating about a return. Debnam-Carey wouldn’t reveal if Lexa could appear in future episodes. Audiences will have to tune in to “The 100” Season 3 when it returns Thursday, March 31 at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.