Luxury Watches: While many high-end auction items have seen their values drop in recent months, rare and important timepieces seem to be holding steady and are obviously considered a sound investment in an uncertain economy. Rolex in particular is one name that exemplifies lasting value and impeccable craftsmanship. On the heels of news that the worlds finest collection of Rolexes will be auctioned off in Italy this spring comes the publication of an essential work for any collector, be they established or aspiring: 100 Superlative Rolexes.

Edited by world-renowned Rolex expert John Goldberger with text by Giampiero Negretti, the $200 volume comes packaged in a green leather slipcase of identical material to that used for Rolex boxes. It contains lavish photographs and comprehensive descriptions of 100 of the finest and rarest Rolex watches ever made including examples that belonged to the Sultan of Oman, the Emperor of Vietnam, and even Elvis Presley - and includes an extensive overview of the famed brands production, evolution and design.

The book contains more than 600 color illustrations and 400 detailed descriptions including reference numbers, casing, movement, relative calibers and year of production for each watch. It covers a wide range of rarities and styles, including the earliest models, the Oyster, chronograph and moon phases, the sports model and the famed Daytona. You cant go wrong bidding on classic Rolexes at auction, but be sure to acquire a copy of this book first.

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