Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has alleged that a 12-year-old Christian girl was abducted and gang-raped for 8 months in Pakistan and was tortured until she consented to convert to Islam.

The victim, the daughter of a street sweeper, was kidnapped by two Muslim men a day before Christmas last year, when she was out shopping with a friend from her neighborhood. One of the abductors was introduced to the girl by her friend as her uncle.

The abductors drove her to a house located 120 miles from her house where she was raped. Her captives forced her to sign fake marriage documents with one of the perpetrators and beat her up when she refused to convert to Islam.

The AHRC has alleged that the police didn't take any action to rescue the girl or arrest her kidnappers, because of their affiliation with a militant Muslim organization - the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. The girl managed to escape after eight months of captivity, in the first week of September and called her parents to inform that she was hiding from her kidnappers.

The girl's parents, however, were shocked when the police warned them to hand her back to the legal husband to avoid a criminal suit filed against them.

The rapists have filed a complaint against parents and have claimed that the girl was pregnant, due to which the Christian family had to go into hiding.

AHRC claims that the Pakistan provincial government is offering support to illegal militant organizations.

The British Pakistani Christian Association has launched a petition calling on the Pakistani government to investigate the attack.