Managing time is certainly one of the biggest challenges

for web workers and freelancers and it's something we think of all the

time. If we don't do it effectively, we find it hard to meet deadlines

and accomplish tasks.

The concept is quite simple. It's about

finding ways to do the same task in less time while maintaining and/or

increasing, the quality standards. It also implies getting things done

without stressing yourself, being more productive, taking time out for

yourself and enjoying life. And if you are web worker, I'm sure you

know how important it is to be more productive and enjoy life.


are some good tips to help you manage your time more efficiently as a

web worker. If there are other ways you know about or use in your daily

life to manage time and get things done then do talk about them in the


  • Work at your peak hours
    This tip is borrowed straight from Ali's recent article. Believe it is really important to figure out what are the times during

    the day when you feel most energetic and love to work. Because that's

    when you can do more in less time and do it better.

  • Prioritize work
    Prioritizing work is

    important, especially if you are working online. Otherwise you'll find

    yourself trapped in doing all sorts of things without achieving


    So how to prioritize work ? Simple. Define work as

    something which makes you money, or will make you money in the long

    term. And then arrange them in the order of their importance, money

    making potential and deadlines. These are the things which require your

    utmost attention. Accomplish them accordingly.

  • Manage email

    could become the ultimate distraction for a web worker. And the funny

    thing is that we don't realize the time we waste in checking our mail

    multiple times during the day. So learn to do it less. And learn to manage it like an expert.

  • Manage information

    information which we are exposed to on the web is just incredible. And

    each source of information on the web has an uncanny ability to get us

    hooked. We just can't seem to get enough of it. And that is the exact


    So make sure you consume information in a way that it doesn't hamper your main work. Be it RSS feeds, news sites, YouTube or any other way you consume information. Just learn to manage them.

  • Automate routine tasks

    they are routine tasks on your computer, like opening an application

    everyday, or they are your routine household chores like getting bread

    from the grocery store nearby, try to discover ways to automate them.


    example, you could use automation tools on your computer to get things

    done. And for your household tasks, you could hire someone. That would

    help you focus your energies on the things that are more important.

  • Don't multi-task

    more you try to multi-task, the more you end up producing mediocre

    work. And as I mentioned, time management isn't about degrading the

    quality of work.

    So focus on one thing at a time. That would also help you managing your time in a better way.

  • Learn the tricks

    to people who are more experienced than you in your field and learn the

    tricks of the trade from them. Learn how they manage their time, what

    methods they use to accomplish more in less time and get better results.

  • Get an office

    an office could skyrocket your productivity as a web worker. A home

    office which is kind of isolated from the hustles and bustles of the

    household is good. A separate office ?... better. Believe me.

  • Make your to-do list doable

    please be sensible while making a to-do list. Instead of loading it

    with tasks which you probably can't complete in a day, just start with

    a few important tasks and then include other tasks in the list once you

    complete the previous ones.

  • Get the right tools

    exposure to unlimited information means the access to unlimited tools

    for getting things done. There are thousands of great tools which can

    help you manage time but how do you know which of them of really good ?

    Of course you can keep trying and testing but that doesn't save you

    time, does it ?

    So talk to your friends and colleagues and take

    advice. And wait for my next post where I'll discuss some cool tools

    which help us in organizing tasks and managing time effectively.

  • Stick to a schedule

    a routine and sticking to a schedule always helps. It helps you to get

    out of ' I am my own boss and can do work whenever I want ' mindset and

    makes you more productive.

    Yes it's easier said than done. It

    becomes really difficult to stick to a routine if you work from home

    and live with your family. Hence, as suggested earlier, getting an

    office or an isolated room could be the first step in this direction.

  • Slow down
    Time management isn't always about working more in less time. It's also about relieving yourself from the stress. Sometimes slowing down could be the best bet.

    There is more to life than just increasing its speed - Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Take time out

    time out for yourself is an important part of time management for web

    workers. That's because most of the web workers are extremely

    enthusiastic initially when they quit their jobs and take the plunge.

    They think they are now on their own and hence would have more time for


    This myth is busted soon when they find themselves

    sitting at their computers for hours and hours without taking time out.

    And that's when they hunt for articles like this to find how they can

    manage time more efficiently and take time outs.

So, once you

are able to get more time for yourself after you apply the

aforementioned 12 tips, remember the last but by no means least point -

take time out, relax and enjoy !



Written on 4/1/2009 by Abhijeet Mukherjee.

Abhijeet is an internet entrepreneur who loves writing about tech,

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