It's a good news, bad news moment for video games. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" revealed nine new monsters. But there are five reasons the release of "No Man's Sky" may be disappointing, and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" may not land until the end of next year. 

First, here are nine facts about the Alola region's new inhabitants.

  1. Bruxish can knock out opponents with the psychic rays it emits from its head. bruxish-png Bruxish Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  2. Cutiefly is  — say it with us! — supercute. It's also empathetic, so prefers to be with people who have happy auras.  cutiefly-png Cutiefly Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  3. Drampa looks kind of like a dog and acts like one, too: hanging out with kids and getting fierce if anyone harms them.   drampa-png Drampa Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  4. Tapu Koko is the guardian deity of Melemele Island — but don't count on getting help. Sometimes it ignores those in need; sometimes it comes to their rescue. tapukoko-png Tapu Koko Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  5. Togedemaru is electrifying! Okay, what it really does is absorb the energy of a Pokemon that's attacking it, and fling it back. togedemaru-png Togedemaru Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  6. Charjabug is the ultimate battery. According to its info page, Charjabug can power an entire house: very useful for a Pokemon in need of some juice. charjabug-png Charjabug Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  7. Powered by Charjabug, Vikavolt can be a powerful attacker. Without Charjabug? It's light and fast.  vikavolt-png Vikavolt Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  8. Komala is a sleepy koala, clutching the log pillow that keeps it sound asleep. komala-png Komala Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
  9. And Rockruff is like a household pet, except for the odd habit of greeting others by rubbing them with its stone collar.  rockruff-png Rockruff Photo: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

Here are the five reasons the release of "No Man's Sky" may be doomed to disappoint.

no-mans-sky-ship "No Man's Sky" is due August 9. Photo: Hello Games

  1. It's been too long in development — creating too much hype. Since "No Man's Sky" was introduced in 2013, the gaming public's imagination has had time to run wild. Several delays have only increased the anticipation. Can anything be good enough, after such a long wait? 
  2. It's not widely understood. Players who expect an intergalactic "Minecraft" will be baffled. 
  3. "No Man's Sky" won't have some of the key features that gamers want, like multiplayer and virtual reality support. 
  4. It's a genre unto itself. Some players will enjoy exploring a massive setting and figuring out what to do with the game's single-player leanings and reliance on crafting. Some won't.
  5. The passionate fan base brings out the haters. If the game doesn't get perfect scores in reviews, the larger gaming community is going to pick it to death. The release date — August 9 — is a flame war waiting to happen. 

And finally, in other game news from Christopher Groux of Design&Trend: If you're waiting for "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild," recent statements from its developer imply that  the release date may be after the launch of the Nintendo NX. Link's next quest and its flagship console may not be in stores at the same time.

"Breath Of The Wild," which has been delayed repeatedly, will also be available on Wii U. It could finally arrive at the end of 2017.

The NX  — a "dedicated game machine — is currently "due out worldwide in March 2017."