The Season 5B cast of “Dance Moms” is celebrating a birthday this weekend. “Dance Moms” star Nia Sioux Frazier will turn 14 on Saturday and in honor of the celebratory event — and Nia’s big year!— we’re celebrating with 14 reasons why “Dance Moms” viewers know and love her!

1. She’s an award-winning dancer. There’s no question that Nia can dance. She has been dancing with Abby Lee Miller's ALDC studio since she was 3. In more recent years, she has helped her ALDC’s team win dozens of first-place overall awards for their group dances. In July 2014, she even won her first crown and the title of Miss Sheer Talent for her solo performance at Nationals in Las Vegas.

2. She's a triple-threat. Not only can Nia dance, but as witnessed on the first half of “Dance Moms” Season 5, she can also sing and act. After the ALDC team arrived in Los Angeles, she showed off her acting skills during an audition in episode 5. Later in the season, she teamed up with Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day to record her first single, “Star in Your Own Life.” 

3. She’s big on YouTube. Nia’s not only a TV star, she’s also big on YouTube. Nia’s “Star in Your Own Life” music video is currently at 2.4 million views and counting on the video sharing site.

4. She’s forgiving. Despite being continually at odds with her coach, Abby Lee Miller, Nia remains strong in her convictions. After Abby slammed her for venturing out on her own to pursue a music career in Season 5, Nia invited her teacher to attend her music video premiere party. At the event, she even said a few kind words about her longtime teacher.

“I have to thank her because she is the reason why I’m dancing and if I wasn’t dancing then I wouldn’t be here,” she said.

5. She has a great message. “Stars in Your Own Life” is definitely a testament to Nia’s singing and dancing skills, but it also offers a positive message to “Dance Moms” fans. After years of being under Abby’s somewhat questionable reign, Nia makes it clear she isn’t letting anyone get her down!

6. She’s not a one-hit wonder. Nia’s second song and music video "Slay" is expected to premiere later this summer. Some guest stars in the project include Coco Jones and Carmen Electra. In other words, it's most likely going to be a huge hit.

7. Her mom is awesome. How could we talk about Nia without addressing her mom and “Dance Moms” co-star Holly Frazier? Throughout the Lifetime show's four years on air, it has become clear that Holly has done her best to make her daughter the independent and well-adjusted teen she is today. Way to go, Dr. Holly!

8. She puts her education first. While fame may be a top priority for her “Dance Moms” co-stars, Nia has made it clear she puts her education first. 

9. The death drop. Nia’s signature dance move deserves its own talking point. Nia first learned —and perfected!— the stunning death drop during Season 1. She has gone on to perform the famous step multiple times throughout the course of the show.

10. She has a wide variety of talents. Singing, dancing and acting are only a few of the activities Nia enjoys. According to her fan site, she also takes karate, piano and drum lessons. 

11. She gives back. After being treated at The Children’s Institute’s Pain Rehabilitation Program for Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy (RND) in 2009, Nia returned a few years later to perform for patients.

"After the performance, the young dancers mingled with our excited students and patients. The dancers were inspired by our amazing kids, and Nia brought inspiration and hope to current patients, including those with RND," reported the Children's Institute.

12. She’s good to her fans. Check out Nia's Twitter page and you'll find she reguarly interacts with her fans. She also recently hosted a "Dance Moms" super fan takeover for Lifetime.

13. She’s a good friend. During the most recent installment of “Dance Moms Slumber Party” the cast revealed that Nia was the best at keeping her friend’s secrets intact. “I keep so many secrets,” Nia says in the video.

14. She's a team player. Nia is not one to leave her ALDC teammates behind. During the series’ Australia special, Abby did not allow Nia and JoJo Siwa to attend her studio’s meet-and-greets, but Nia had another plan up her sleeve. While her teammates were busy visiting with fans, she put on her very first concert in Melbourne. Being that JoJo did not have any events to go to, she invited her to join her onstage and perform. Needless to say, they both killed it.

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