I really admire people who are completely committed to exercising, however most of us know maintaining motivation to get fit can be a struggle.

There are so many benefits to be gained from a consistent exercise program, but why is it so difficult to make it a routine?

Often, it has a lot to do with mindset -- if you're ready to change that, you're ready to begin enjoying exercise.

Many people start an exercise program, but don't make it through the first three months. Others discontinue their program before the year is out. There's also a large number of people who don't exercise, ever.

So, if you struggle with low (or no) motivation to get out there and workout, here are some tips.

15 ways to create an exercise habit:

  1. Find an activity you really enjoy -- working out doesn't have to be boring.
  2. Make it part of your daily activities -- cycle to the shops, talk and walk while on your cell phone.
  3. Reinforce the habit -- same time, place, days of the week.
  4. Think of it as me time.
  5. Believe that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Remind yourself of the benefits -- health, mood, physical appearance.
  7. Stop yourself from thinking negatively about exercise.
  8. Be realistic about short-term goals -- don't get overwhelmed.
  9. Believe in your athletic ability -- you can accomplish what you've set your mind to.
  10. Make friends with like-minded people.
  11. Workout to your favorite tunes.
  12. Wear comfortable clothing -- nothing like a blister to kill your enthusiasm!
  13. Compete for a charity close to your heart.
  14. Give yourself some credit -- most people don't even have a daily exercise plan.
  15. Eat properly -- extremely important for energy and stamina.