Get ready for a new season of “16 and Pregnant.” The hit docu-series is returning to MTV for a fifth season on April 14, introducing viewers to 12 new teens who are trying to figure out how to be parents. E! News released the first look promo video for “16 and Pregnant,” and as expected it teased a whole lot of tears and struggles for the new moms.

Mom vs. New Mom

The relationship between the moms-to-be and their parents can definitely become strained, and is something that has been featured on “16 and Pregnant” before. Season 5 will be no different. The new promo video kicks off with one of the new moms tearfully telling her own mother that “I didn’t choose to get pregnant at this age … I didn’t plan it.”

But that’s nothing compared to the relationship that another teen has with her her mom. “I’m not saying I don’t trust you with him,” one teen tries to explain to her mother. But her mom’s not hearing it. “There is nobody in this world that wouldn’t trust me with their f****** baby,” she screams as her daughter walks away.

Moms vs. Boyfriends

There is no denying that some of the parents won’t be happy with their daughter’s boyfriends. “You’re not ready to be a father,” one mom scolds her daughter’s boyfriend and baby daddy. “You’re not even ready to be an adult.”

Laying Down The Law

Fans have seen in the past that it has been difficult for teen moms to juggle everything -- raising a baby, going to school and working a job. “It’s not fair to me,” one girl cries to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, one of the teen dads has a meltdown of his own, yelling that he has worked every day.

But who are the girls in the new promo video for Season 5? We’ve got the breakdown on five of the 12 new cast members:


Maddy is a 17-year-old from Illinois. According to The Ashley, Maddy was with her boyfriend (and baby’s father) Cody for more than two years. It’s unclear whether the pair are still together, but they share a daughter named Aubrey Lynn.


Autumn, 16, is from Virginia. She gave birth to her son Drake in December 2013 and is currently still with his father, Dustin. Autumn’s house will be full because her 18-year-old sister, Misty, also has a newborn son.


Summer is from Georgia and gave birth to her son Peyton in October 2013. Summer and Peyton’s father, DJ, have been dating for more than three years and got married August 2013.


Karley, 17, gave birth to twin girls. She is married to the father of her children, Tony, and living with him in Utah.


Aleah is an 18-year-old from Missouri, and was already a teen step-mom before becoming pregnant. Her boyfriend, Shawn, has a son from his ex, and according to The Ashley, Aleah has helped raise him. Aleah and Shawn are now parents to a baby girl, Peyton.

Season 5 of "16 and Pregnant" premieres on MTV on April 14 at 10 p.m. EDT.