California is a state whose budget deficit woes rival that of Greece.

But the state Assembly took a respite from its fiscal problems and passed the 'cuss free week' resolution Thursday morning.

The resolution, officially called Resolution 112, declares the first week of March each year as the 'cuss free week.'  It invites, but not requires, the state's citizens to comply. 

The resolution is the fruit of 16 year old McKay Hatch's No Cussing Club.  Hatch started the club in middle school.  The teenager also has no-cuss t-shirts and a popular website to promote his cause (

 According to Eyewitness News, Hatch sees a link between cussing, drug use and bullying.  He thinks that a cuss-free world would be a more harmonious world.

The teenager says he knows that people will slip up from time to time but urges Californians to give it a try.