Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 1,800-year-old figurine in a Jerusalem excavation, what they believe was a Roman boxer from the second or third century, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced today.

The Associated Press reported it was found in the ruins of a building destroyed by an earthquake in the fourth or fifth century. The dig is conducted in the area of the Givati car park in the City of David, in the Walls around Jerusalem National Park.

The high level of finish on the figurine is extraordinary, while meticulously adhering to the tiniest of details, the authority said. Nothing similar has ever been uncovered in Israel, it said, calling it a unique find.

The figurine has 5-centimeter or 2-inch marble bust depicts that the head of a man with a short curly beard, Carved from pale yellow marble and almond-shaped eyes. And The figurine was used as a suspended weight together with a balance scale.