by Johan Kriek (

Key notes:

- President elect Obama’s inauguration tomorrow (Tue, 20 Jan)

- US Equities experiences a late rally on Friday as risk aversion eases somewhat

Key events:

- no significant Eurozone announcements scheduled for today

- US Public holiday today (Martin Luther king day), All markets should be quiet

Probability Studies:


No Trade Zone, bullish probability. The bullish 60minute trend is still intact and therefore the bullish probability. 1.3450 will be significant resistance if price converges with the bearish current trend resistance (blue line) If we see a bounce then the probability can change South if the 60minute trend is violated to the downside


No Trade Zone, bullish probability. We identified the most active 60minute trend by cutting the low of 1.4472. Should this trend be violated to the downside a bearish trading condition might follow. At this point in time I am waiting for a confirmed bullish cross on the 1 hour stochastic to present me with a nice bullish trading condition

Please note that due to the US public holiday the market could be very quiet or move in a nice technical fashion. Join me in the Live Trading Room here at for more studies on other pairs. You can also book a seat for the Probability Study training course we offer where you can learn more about the Probability Study technique which includes Technical Analysis, Fundamentals, Hedging Techniques, Psychology and Money Management just to name a few

Enjoy your trading day!

Johan Kriek