Mya Whittington’s parents couldn’t figure out what was bothering their 7-month-old, and her discomfort became even more confusing when doctors didn’t know what was wrong with the Kansas baby either.

Eventually Mya was brought to the hospital, where a two-inch feather poked its way out of the baby’s neck, shocking everyone around her.

[Click here to see a picture of the feather protruding from the baby girl’s neck.]

“We were just pretty much in disbelief,” Mya’s father, Aaron Whittington, 26, told

The baby’ pain started on Saturday, her parents explained.

“I was at work and my wife noticed that the left side of her neck had started to swell, and she called me at work and asked if we should take her to the emergency room,” Whittington said.

The parents figured they would wait before taking Mya to the doctor considering they first suspected she was suffering from a swollen gland, but the next morning everything changed.

“Sunday morning, when we woke up, it had doubled in size and there was a pimple-looking thing on the end of it,” he said. “We’re looking at it and going, ‘There’s no way this is a swollen gland.’”

Mya was soon rushed to a hospital close to where the family lives in Hutchinson.

At first doctor’s thought she had a staph infection of her lymph nodes, but they soon realized that wasn’t the case when no fluid came out when they tried to drain her lymph node.

Hours afer Mya had been taken into the hospital, her parents noticed what looked like a “half-inch string” protruding from the 7-month-old’s face.

“[The pediatrician] threw on gloves and she pulled out a 2-inch feather and she’s like, ‘It’s a feather.’ And we’re like, ‘What do you mean it’s a feather?’ And she showed us,” Whittington said, still in utter shock.

“As far as how the feather got into the side of the neck, our doctor says we’ll probably never really know,” he said. “But her best guess is that she either inhaled it or tried swallowing it and it got lodged in the throat somewhere, and the body, just being crazy, just started to reject it and force it out the side of her neck.”

Thinking back, her parents remember Mya pulling on the bottom of her left ear a few weeks ago but they just assumed it was an ear infection.

The baby girl is now “almost 100 percent recovered,” according to Whittington, and doctors say her body will heal on its own.