Well, you might be waiting for the porting of Siri on iPhone 4 to complete and the mod to come out for public, but wait is not always fun. So we've found out to useful apps for you that can be used as alternatives to Siri to help you with voice-command based assistance. As we've said iin our earlier posts too that if you somehow manage to get Siri on your iPhone 4S, there's not much of a reason left to buy the new 4S.


The first of the two apps is a free one - named Vlingo. The real big leap ahead in Vlingo as compared to Siri is that it lets you update your social media statuses such as those on Facebook and Twitter, which Siri does not support yet (only through a hack, Twitter updates can be done through Siri on 4S).


On average, Vlingo lets you do text messages through voice, dictate emails, find places through maps, search the web and dial numbers for you to call friends. You can get Vlingo for your iOS device here, and as we mentioned earlier, for free. Here's a demo of Vlingo for you, after the break!

Voice Actions

The second app we're going to mention is a paid app, called Voice Actions, $4.99 and having the limitation to run on iOS 4 or later versions. A 4.99 dollar to spend might not look much as compared to the price of iPhone 4S, but the demonstrations suggest that Voice Actions is not as spot on, as Siri - being just a fraction lacking in the ability to filter out the accent factor for non-native English speakers. The good point is that the app's voice recognition is powered by the famous voice technology company, Nuance.


This app lets you:

  • Send email through voice
  • Send SMS texts through voice
  • Ask questions
  • Search by voice
  • Listen to music through voice commands
  • Voice dial your contacts
  • Get instant translations through voice commands
  • Search news, images, videos, and places through voice commands

You can download Voice Actions on the iTunes App Store here.

Hope you find these apps useful on your iPhone 4, 3GS and iPad devices as potential Siri-alternatives.

The original post was published on Simon Blog.