A two-year-old Dalmatian called Oreo celebrated her birthday this year with a Pool Party in a posh neighborhood in India's capital -- New Delhi. This was no less than a birthday bash for a Boolwood Star or a celebrity.

Oreo's owner Priyamvada Sharma told Reuters that she considered this Dalmitian her daughter and was preparing for this grand birthday bash from a long time. Sharma said, We had every possible type of biscuit and bone any pet shop would have.

A party celebration with a flour cake, cheese, chiken tikkas and rib shaped biscuits was waiting for Oreo and her 20 canine friends in a sprawling dog resort where they spent their summer day splashing away in a swimming pool meant exclusively for dogs.

It would not be wrong to classify Sharma's pup as one of the most pampered dog in India. Be it a rich master or someone who belongs to the upper middle class, India's dog owners are willing to walk that extra mile in making their dogs feel on top of the world and this video by Reuters tells that story well.

This is representative of a growing pet grooming industry in India. There are an increasing number of pet salons, upscale vet clinics, pet couture, pet nannies, dog walkers, reiki therapists, grooming specialists, dog-friendly hotels and air-conditioned kennels mushrooming across big cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

According to a Euromonitor research report, India's pet industry is expected to grow 22 percent this year and reach 4.5 billion rupees (around $81 million).

In a country, which is still struggling with poverty and illiteracy, it is interesting to see a contrast wherea an increasing number of people are channeling their incomes and finances towards their pets.