Advertising is costly to small businesses and overloads the business marketing funds especially in times of recession. However, there are some affordable ways to using this method such as classified ads if this is the route you want to go.
Here I will share 3 top strategies you can start using today to start recession-proofing your small
business now.

Getting More From Your Marketing Dollars

The return on your marketing investments will shrink during a down economy unless you take certain actions to prevent it. Start looking for ways to keep your sales revenue growing
without increasing your marketing spending.

For example:

Advertising: Negotiate a Better Price
Advertisers are hit hard too during an economic slump. Many are willing to barter and negotiate a lesser cost to keep your business, or to get it away from their competitors.

Space: Look for Ways to Trim Down Your Ads
Reduce the content and size of your ads, without losing its message, so you can actually run more ads without increasing your entire marketing funds.

Start Getting Free Publicity
Start a press release campaign for your business. Publicity can produce more targeted sales for less then the cost of advertising. For example, find something unique and newsworthy about your business. Write about it in a press release and distribute it to the media in your town or go national for more chances of getting write-ups. If you are unfamiliar with press release campaigns, find a company that specializes in it.

Turn to Your Existing Customers
Your current and past customers already know your business and trust you. It's easier and less costly to get repeat business from them than trying to get business from new prospects. If you do your part and create regular specials and keep in contact they will spend more money with you rather than with another business that offers the same items or service.

Ask Your Current Customers to Help Find New Customers
Ask your customers for business referrals, and reward them for each referral that comes your way. Announce your referral program to your customers with cost-effective communication tools like email, e postcards or even skype phone calls. Learn more about Skype at