The first super-tuned version of the new Ghost EX200 is now available on JamesList and is priced at €450,000. The tuning specialists at Deutsche Manufaktur wielded their talents onto what is considered as the baby Rolls-Royce and dubbed it the Numero Uno. 

The luxury mobile is given styling modifications that merge aggression and luxury using the precision quality of Deutsche's technology. Deutsche Manufaktur loves calling it the Ghost in the Machine. What makes the vehicle stick out is probably its expressiveness. The tuning firm claims that its widened front makes the Ghost look more bullish and strong, that the extended grill sends signals of pride and that the angry eyes express style. At the touch of a button, you can dim the intelligent glass. For its interior, finishing options include wood, carbonfiber or Alcantara. For enhanced personalization, you can opt for hand-stitched leather for the upholstery in various color combinations. Additional features include a custom steering wheel and a three-part set of aluminum pedals and brake handle.