Anyone who was planning on being PBS’ Big Bird this year for Halloween might be disappointed.

Being a Binder Full of Women or Horse and Bayonet for Halloween this year? There are always plenty of other political references, but hopefully being Big Bird isn’t the number one choice because Big Bird costumes are essentially sold out all over, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported.

Big Bird became all the rage after the first presidential debate where Mitt Romney said that he wanted to cut funds for PBS’s “Sesame Street.”

Donning a Bird Big costume to Halloween parties has proved to be a popular idea for 2012, and  popular costume makers like Disguise say the costume is already sold out on their website.

The brand manager Madde Gerety added: "This has absolutely become our biggest year ever for Big Bird costumes. If only we had a crystal ball to predict this was going to happen."

The major reason that costume companies have had a problem keeping up with the demand for Big Bird is that they’re made in China, therefore it’s nearly impossible to have them shipped over with the holiday approaching in just a week.

For those who are more crafty, a costume can be homemade.

For those who prefer a somewhat risque look, “Sexy Big Bird” costumes were created promptly after the debate, but Sesame Street Workshop requested they be pulled off the shelves. had created sexy version of Big Bird, Bert and Ernie but called a “cease and desist” on selling the provocative costumes.

When talking to the Daily News, a Sesame Street Workshop representative said, “We have contacted the sellers of the infringing costumes demanding that they stop producing and selling these  imitations.”

Those who have the coveted costume are likely to be big hits at parties.