North Korean weightlifter Om Yun Chol pulled off a major upset at the London 2012 Olympic Games Sunday when the 20-year-old athlete managed to lift three times his body weight in the men's 56-kilogram (123.5-pound) clean and jerk. He won the gold medal after lifting 168 kilograms (370.4 pounds).

And to whom did he attribute his unexpected success? None other than North Korea's late "Great Leader," Kim Jong Il.

"How can any man possibly lift 168 [kilograms]? I believe the great Kim Jong Il looked over me," Om told the Olympic News Service, according to the Associated Press.

Om's success was truly impressive. The North Korean was ranked in the "B" group normally reserved for lower-tier athletes who are not expected to made the medals podium. Despite the low expectations, he managed to pull off an astounding upset victory for North Korea, giving the nation its second gold medal at these Olympic Games.

Maybe the country's deceased dictator really was watching over the athletes. But, then again, maybe not.

Om's gold-medal win dethroned world champion Wu Jingbiao of China. Wu was strongly favored to win the competition, but instead placed second. Taking third was 18-year-old Valentin Hristov of Azerbaijan.

Wu was just as surprised as anyone else that such a relatively unknown athlete would win the gold. After his loss, Wu was seen screaming. "I am prepared that there might be a dark horse coming out, but I didn't expect it would be from Group B," he said at a press conference, according to Reuters.

Watch a video of the men's 56-kilogram medal ceremony on NBC's website.