With the Colts seemingly poised to take Andrew Luck with the number one pick, Robert Griffin III has become the hottest commodity in this year's NFL Draft.

The second pick belongs to the Rams, but ESPN is reporting that they will trade the pick to a team that wants to draft Griffin. The quarterback out of Baylor had an excellent week at the combine, and erased any doubts many people had about his NFL potential.

St. Louis drafted Sam Bradford with the top pick just two years ago, and is not ready to give up on their quarterback after a disappointing 2011 campaign. Because Griffin is so highly regarded among scouts, the Rams will look to trade their pick for a high price.

St. Louis is reportedly seeking a package similar to what the Giants traded to the Chargers for Eli Manning in 2004. San Diego received two first-round picks, a third-round pick and fifth-round selection for the quarterback from Ole Miss.

A few teams covet Griffin, and will be able to put together a package that St. Louis will accept.

Here are the teams with the best chance of trading for the number two pick in the NFL Draft:

Cleveland Browns

The Browns seem to be the most likely candidate to acquire the pick.

Colt McCoy has been unproductive in two seasons with Cleveland, completing 20 touchdown passes as well as 20 interceptions. McCoy finished 27th in the league in quarterback rating in 2011.

Cleveland also has the most to offer St. Louis in the way of draft picks. Minnesota is unlikely to be in the running for the second pick since they drafted Christian Ponder to be their quarterback last season. Therefore, the team with the highest draft pick to offer is the Browns at number four. Cleveland can also offer this year's 22nd pick, which they acquired in a deal last year.

The Browns certainly have the pieces to get a deal done, but some reports say they may be unwilling to part with as many draft picks as the Rams require.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins proved last year that they are only a few pieces away from being a legitimate contender in the AFC. Unfortunately for them, one of those pieces is a quarterback.

While Miami would most likely draft Griffin if they had the chance, they may feel the asking price is too high. The Dolphins are already in the market for two potential free agent quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. Miami could just decide to hold on to their draft picks and sign a quarterback.

If Manning stays with the Colts and Flynn commands too much money, expect the Dolphins to consider a trade for RG3.

Miami has the eighth overall pick in the draft.

Washington Redskins

Few teams need a franchise quarterback like the Redskins.

They haven't had a consistent quarterback since Mark Rypien helped them win Super Bowl XXVI. Rex Grossman and John Beck are not the answers and Washington will probably make a move to improve the position.

The Redskins are reportedly interested in signing Peyton Manning, but the future Hall of Famer may decide to go to a team that is closer to winning a championship. Also, Washington hasn't had a lot of success in signing free agents in the past few seasons.

They currently sit in the sixth slot of the NFL Draft.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were actually one of the pleasant surprises of the 2011 Season, finishing with a record of 7-9.

 Nevertheless, they did it without much consistency at quarterback. Tavaris Jackson threw for just 14 touchdowns in a year that saw record passing numbers by quarterbacks throughout the league.

Seattle is rumored to have interest in Griffin, though they will likely be able to put together the least impressive package among those interested in dealing with the Rams. They have the 12th pick in the draft and the St.Louis would have to drop 10 spots to make the trade.

But if Seattle is willing to part with a few more picks, they may be able to pull off a deal.

The Seahawks finished 11 th in defense in the NFL last season and would like to have a good quarterback so they can compete in the NFC West.