The 2011 NFL season is over and it's time for teams to start getting ready for 2012.

The official list of players invited to the NFL Scouting Combine has been released by National Football Scouting.

An initial invite list of 231 players was compiled in January that included only senior prospects. Now, underclassman and a few more seniors have rounded out this year's group of prospects.

A record 65 underclassmen have been granted special eligibility for this year's draft. However, 10 of those players did not make the list, including Texas running back Jamison Berryhill and Kansas State running back Bryce Brown.

This year's Combine will be held from February 22 to February 28 in Indianapolis.

The NFL Scouting Combine began in 1977 and is now broadcast on television each year. Prospects hoping to be drafted attend the event as they complete physical and mental testes in front of coaches and front office personnel.

Defending BCS champion Alabama had nine different players make the list. LSU, who lost the title game to the Crimson Tide, has seven players on the list. Boise State leads all non-BCS schools with seven invitees.

Stanford's Andrew Luck, Baylor's Robert Griffin III and Alabama's Trent Richardson highlight the list.

Luck is expected to be selected with the first overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts.

The 2012 NFL Draft will be held from April 26 to April 28.