2013 Korean Restaurant Week NYC: All The Deals And Participating Restaurants

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The first annual Korean Restaurant Week in the New York City area kicks off this Monday with several deals for people looking to experience Korean cuisine.

Korean Restaurant Week NYC features several restaurants throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and even parts of Northern New Jersey. Participating restaurants throughout the NYC metro area will be offering different deals all week, ranging from prix fixe menus, Korean BBQ packages, meal discounts and special dish offerings.

Much like the unaffiliated but better known NYC restaurant week fixed price menus offered at some of the restaurants participating in Korean Restaurant Week NYC allow restaurant goers to experience a full three-course meal consisting of a variety of Korean dishes. Many of the prix fixe deals offered by restaurants participating in Korean Restaurant Week are priced reasonably at $25 per person for lunch and $35 per person for dinner. Take a look at the list of participating restaurants below. Note that some of the restaurants are offering other deals besides prix fixe menus.

Barn Joo
BCD Tofu House
Chom Chom
Do Hwa
Kang Suh
Kum Gang San
Soju Haus

BCD Tofu House
Hahm Ji Bach
Han Joo BBQ
Kim Chayul's Myung Poom Kalbi
Kum Gang San
Mapo BBQ
San Soo Kap San 1
Su Ra Chung
Won Bo Ssam


Northern New Jersey
BCD Tofu House
Keo Ku
Poong Lim

Korean Restaurant Week NYC is sponsored by the Korean Food Foundation, an organization established in 2010 to promote Korean food in countries outside of South Korea.

Korean Restaurant Week NYC runs from Oct. 21 to Nov. 3. For a more detailed list of offerings by restuarants participating in Korean Restaurant Week NYC, visit the official website.

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