Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM) is unveiling the 2014 Highlander to the world Wednesday morning at the 2013 New York Auto Show. Not much is known about the sports utility vehicle other than it is a "sleek and strong" SUV and that, despite its smaller size, Toyota promises "no sacrifices" in performance or features.

The 2014 Highlander live stream can be viewed below. Toyota will unveil the SUV at a 9:10 a.m. EDT news conference. The Wall Street Journal got a sneak peek at the new SUV and noted that it is a more stylish than previous Highlanders. The mid-size SUV appeals to families and the 2014 Highlander aims to be more appealing to that market.

The mid-size SUV has become as much of an American staple as a station wagon or minivan but, according to the Journal, Toyota is looking to elevate the 2014 Highlander to be more than just a reliable ride, emphasizing style as a main selling point.

Toyota has remained coy about its new SUV before the big debut, and speculation about possible features has been kept to a minimum. Digital Trends believes the 2014 Highlander will use the same Camry platform as the 2013 Highlander and feature the same "3.5-liter V6, dual electric motors, and nickel-metal-hydride battery pack." Digital Trends believes a hybrid version is likely although it's unclear if the 2014 Highlander will improve on the estimated 28 MPG of its predecessor. 

Photos made available reveal only small aspects of the car, such as tight close-ups of a singular headlight or taillight, while one of Toyota's bigger announcements includes dangling a concealed 2014 Highlander with the tagline, "Just hanging around New York waiting for my big debut."

You can view the 2014 Highlander live stream below.