A pair of building collapses in India during the weekend has killed at least 22 people. The second building collapse occurred in Chennai and as many as 90 people may be trapped. Five construction company officials were detained Sunday.

India Building Collapse Two building collapsed in India on Saturday. Photo: Reuters

The Associated Press reported 11 people were killed and 31 rescued in the Saturday collapse of a building in Chennai. S.P Selvam, rescue operations leader, said, "Removing debris is a major challenge. It may take two to three days to clear the rubble." Nearly 200 members of the National Disaster Response Force were working to clear rubble, the Times of India reported.

Two engineers, two directors and a supervisor of the construction company, Prime Sristi, were held for questioning.  It was unclear what caused the building to collapse but one of the builders said lightning may be to blame as the construction company was almost finished installing a lightning protection system, AP said.

Earlier on Saturday a four-story building collapsed in Delhi, killing 11 with one survivor being treated at a hospital, AP reported. Building collapses are due to poor regulation and security measures, BBC reported. Low quality construction material, corruption and lack of construction codes are just a few reasons behind building collapses in India. A five-story building collapsed Sept. 27 in Mumbai, killing at least 61 people, Times of India reported.