by Johan kriek (

Key notes:

- Stocks slides as Obama’s housing plan no quick fix

- Rumour of nationalization of big banks also sent stocks lower

Probability Studies:


No trade zone, bullish probability. I am concerned about the 1 hour stochastic. The bullish cross is not confirmed yet. As soon as it is confirmed it will signal that market rhythm is trending higher and that it is sustainable. I nice bullish trading condition will present itself then. 1.2895 should be support for the bullish 60minute trend (green line) and if this one should be violated we will have a bearish probability.


Bullish trading condition. The 60minute trend is bullish and therefore we have a bullish probability. The fact that the 1 hour stochastic is bullish means that we have a nice bullish trading condition. A bearish cross would place this one in a no trade zone. Support at 1.4450. Should this be taken out the bullish probability will be no more

This analysis is based on the widely known Probability Study technique Johan Kriek and Rudy Nel from South Africa employs in the Live Trading Room and FXInstructor. Come and join us to learn more

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