Fans, who haven’t picked up “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection” and have a lot of money, may want to pick up the “Gentleman Claptrap in a box” edition, which comes out later this month. The contents of the game collection are the same as before, but the extras in this re-release may interest hardcore “Borderlands” fans.

The “Gentleman Claptrap” edition of the game comes with 12 exclusive lithographs of the characters and a collectible steel case for the disc. However, Bleeding Cool stated that the real prize of this version is the top-hatted claptrap robot that comes with the collection.

Those who purchase this edition can control the robot with a smartphone app. It should be noted that this robot isn’t too dissimilar to the one that came with the previous collector’s edition of the “Handsome Collection.” The only real difference is the top hat and monocle, which might be enough for those that get a kick out of a gentleman robot.

As previously mentioned, the game collection remains the same, collecting “Borderlands 2,” “Borderlands The Pre-Sequel” and the DLC of both games. These versions of the games also have enhanced visuals and the ability to transfer saves from the last-gen consoles, so PS3 owners can transfer their saves onto the PS4 version and Xbox 360 owners can do the same with their Xbox One.

Some might be disappointed that this version of the game doesn’t come with the first game of the series. No particular reason was given for this, though last-gen owners can pick up a game of the year edition of the first game, which comes with all of the DLC.

Considering how the game was released on March, it’s interesting to see a re-release of the collection come out so soon. IGN pointed out that it is the holiday season, which might be the reason why 2K Games will be releasing the same game again.

The “Gentleman Claptrap in a box” edition of “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection” comes out on Nov. 27 and can be pre-ordered on GameStop. The package costs $399.99, making it one for hardcore fans of the series.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)